2024 Western Veterinary Conference Unleashed: The Ultimate Guide

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The Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) is a yearly event that provides VetMed professionals with a platform to stay updated on industry developments. Taking place at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas from February 18 to 21, 2024.

The 2024 event promises to cater to each professional’s needs by including educational sessions, hands-on, high-quality, continuing education (CE) labs, mingling opportunities, and an exhibit hall showcasing the latest industry shifts, advancements, and products in veterinary medicine. 

Whether you’re a veterinarian, a veterinary student, or an industry professional, the WVC is an opportunity not to miss if you want to expand your knowledge, make connections, and stay ahead in a rapidly-evolving field.

What is WVC?

In the Vetmed world, the WVC is a CE and professional development beacon. The event showcases the progression of veterinary care practices and the role of the Viticus Group in clearing the way for top-tier educational opportunities.

History and Evolution of WVC

The Western Veterinary Conference, traditionally known for its devotion to veterinary care, has experienced significant growth since its establishment. Rebranded as the Viticus Group in 2020, this organization expanded its portfolio beyond veterinary care to include human health education. 

The annual WVC has been a cornerstone event since 2014, alluring over 16,000 professionals keen to learn, network, and hone their skills.

WVC 2024 Overview

2024 marks the 96th iteration of this renowned event, expanding the scope of the learning experiences on offer. The organizer promises over 850 hours of high-quality continuing education (CE) opportunities, from practicals to lectures and hands-on labs. The agenda includes four full days of informative sessions tailored to enrich your practice with advanced skills and innovative treatments.

The Significance of the Viticus Group in Organizing WVC

The organizer’s deep-learning model ensures that all their veterinary conferences provides theoretical knowledge through practical application via direct training sessions delivered by top-notch educators. 

By attending, you benefit from a unique learning environment where life meets medicine, preparing you for the future demands of the field. 

With the group’s expertise at the steer, the 2024 Western Veterinary Conference promises a fresh experience for industry professionals seeking to elevate their practice in both traditional and unexplored ways.

Unveiling the “It’s Time to Vet Differently” Theme

Have you ever wondered what it means to “Vet Differently?” This vet conference welcomes an energizing theme that provokes typical thinking within veterinary medicine.

This year’s conference offers innovative learning sessions on topics like 3D Printing and art and anatomy. Engage with interactive sessions designed to enhance your practical skills. 

Theme Offering Summary

  • Innovative Learning: New sessions that go beyond the traditional lecture format
  • Hands-On Experience: Engage with the latest in veterinary technology
  • Culture of Learning: Discussions and workshops that cater to your curiosity
  • Fun with Education: Game-based modules to make learning stick

Why Attend The Western Veterinary Conference?

When attending WVC 2024, you expect to plunge into a reputable educational ecosystem designed to advance your veterinary career. The conference presents the chance to learn from industry leaders, expand your professional network, and stay up-to-date with the newest advancements in veterinary medicine.

Educational Benefits

  • Small Animal Sessions: Get access to sessions addressing pertinent topics such as internal medicine, surgery, behavior, and dentistry. Each session focuses on the practical enhancement of small animal care.
  • Large Animal and Exotics: Explore the latest emergency and critical care knowledge. Learn about reptiles, birds, and small mammal care to expand your expertise across various species.
  • Practice Management: Enhance the business side of your practice with sessions on operations, marketing, sustainable practices, and leadership skills.

Network Expansion Opportunities

  • Relaxed Social Events: Engage with peers and thought leaders in a relaxed setting, perfect for professional networking and lively discussions about the field’s intricacies.
  • Explore the Exhibit Hall: Not only do you meet representatives from leading veterinary companies, but you also have the unique opportunity to forge lasting connections that may influence your career trajectory.

Latest Industry Trends and Innovations

  • Interactive Hands-on Labs: Refine your skills with practical, hands-on learning in areas such as ultrasound and surgical techniques.
  • Discover New Products: Explore cutting-edge advancements as you discover new veterinary equipment and medications.
  • Exclusive Deals: Access special promotions and exclusive deals offered solely to WVC attendees, enhancing the value of your experience.

Planning Your WVC Conference Experience


To ensure your spot at the WVC Annual Conference, you can register at their website. Early bird discounts by signing up before the event dates. Often, registering early not only saves money but also gives you a head start on planning your session schedule.

Travel and Accommodation

With Las Vegas being a bustling city and a popular destination, booking your travel and accommodation early is wise. Look for hotels near the Mandalay Bay Convention Center to minimize transit time. Booking through recommended resources or the conference’s partnered hotels may offer discounted rates. 

Schedule Builder

The Western Veterinary Conference offers myriad sessions, workshops, and seminars. To maximize your conference experience, use the schedule builder tools, such as a mobile app, to personalize your agenda. 

Start by highlighting sessions necessary for professional development, then add workshops that interest you. Be sure to leave some free time to network, explore the exhibit hall, and enjoy the entertainment the conference is known for.

Conference Details

The Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas is a premier event for industry professionals. Keeping tabs on registration details and accommodation options is crucial to ensure a smooth experience.

Registration Process

To register for the WVC Annual Conference, find all the information by visiting the Viticus Group website. 


You can find accommodation for the conference at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and surrounding hotels. The pricing options vary based on the type and location of the accommodation. 

Pricing Options

The organizer offers the following rates to conference attendees:

Conferences NotesYes
Educational SessionsYes
Exhibit HallYes
Industry SeminarsRSVP-based
Hands-On Labs & New WorkshopsAdditional Cost
Michael Phelps General SessionYes
Learning LoungesYes
Monday & Tuesday EntertainmentYes
Cirque du SoleilRSVP-based
*The price is for a limited period only.
*The price applies to the following professionals: Practice managers, veterinary assistants, general participants (Non-CE), administrative staff, and PR & marketing (terms and conditions apply).
Conferences NotesYes
Educational SessionsYes
Exhibit HallYes
Learning LoungesYes
Monday & Tuesday EntertainmentYes
Cirque du SoleilRSVP-based
Veterinary Technician ReceptionVeterinary Technicians only
*The price is for a limited period only.
*The price applies to the following professionals: Practice managers, veterinary assistants, general participants (Non-CE), administrative staff, and PR & marketing (terms and conditions apply).
Exhibit HallYes
Monday & Tuesday EntertainmentYes
Cirque du SoleilRSVP-based
Veterinary Technician ReceptionVeterinary Technicians Guest only
*You can’t buy guest badges separately
*Exhibit hall-only parties to register as general participants
Active Military VeteransFree
Human Health Allied Health Professionals$76
Human Health Physicians (MD/DO)$76
First Year DVM Graduates$246
Retired Veterinarians (Non-CE)$246
*All prices are subject to change
*Human Health Physicians (MD/DO), Exhibitor Registrations, Allied Health Professionals, and Active Military personnel to log on to the Victicus Group to redeem discounts.
*International and US students can register on-site or online.
*Students are to present their ID badges during registration and ticket pickup.
*DVM student registration does not apply to DVM graduates with internship or residency status


Be part of a legacy of education and advancement at the annual Western Veterinary Conference 2024 edition. Your mission and goals can find fertile ground here, among the best in veterinary education and services. 

I Love Veterinary can’t wait to see how you’ll contribute to the dialogue and transformation celebrating this event while experiencing professional growth, exploring veterinary innovation, and building meaningful networks. WVC is the hub where knowledge and hands-on experience come to life. 

Your chance to vet differently begins here. Don’t miss out!

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