Walk Your Dog Month – January

January is the month dedicated for you to get off the couch, get rid of the holiday blues and walk your dog more. Walking your dog more than just the usual 15 minutes for physiological needs has benefits for both you and your dog. Walking for at least 30 minutes improves your general health, improves circulation and that benefits your heart, walking burns calories and makes you stay fit and in shape. How walking benefits your dog? Walking stimulates your dog mentally and physically. It will sniff around and meet other fellow dogs, it will tone its muscles and burn all residual energy. A tired dog is a happy dog.

Today, with the way we work and the less time we have for outdoor activities, we have more and more pets that are obese and/or already suffer from diabetes and skeletal difficulties because of the weight. These pets have poor health and reduced quality of life. With that, they have reduced life expectancy. You don’t want that for your pet, right?

walk your dogWhat can you do? If you can walk your dog for more than 30 minutes only at night, make sure to stay safe. Wear light colors or a reflective jacket. Get your dog a LED collar and leash. Stay in a safe and well-lit area. Don’t go in the dark part of the park. Make sure that the dog is on a leash at all times. You never know when a squirrel will run in front of him and he will chase it to the street.

Have fun with long walks. Bring a toy and bring treats. Teach your dog loose leash walking. A well behaved dog is a cool dog. If it’s winter at the moment where you live, make sure to protect your dog from the cold. If it’s needed to get a jacket for him. And don’t forget to protect the paws from the snow and all the chemicals on the street.


Happy Walk Your Dog Month!