Celebrating World Veterinary Day 2024

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Celebrate World Veterinary Day with us as we honor the invaluable contributions of veterinarians as essential workers. 

Join the global acknowledgment of these dedicated professionals on 27th April and celebrate those who safeguard the health and well-being of our beloved pets and livestock. 

The veterinarian’s oath includes the promise “to protect animal health and welfare, prevent and relieve animal suffering.” It is a noble profession that demands a selfless commitment to serving the needs of animals.

AVMA President Tom Meyer

What is World Veterinary Day?

It’s an annual unofficial holiday celebrated on the last Saturday in April each year to honor and recognize the vital contributions of veterinarians worldwide. 

When is World Veterinary Day?

Happy World Veterinary Day

This year, it falls on the 27th of April. It marks various events and activities to highlight and observe the primarily unseen and sometimes unappreciated value these medical professionals provide to society.

The History of World Veterinary Day

The history of the celebration of World Vet Day is deeply intertwined with the roots of the World Veterinary Association (WVA). In 1899, the inaugural International Veterinary Congress convened in Edinburgh under the guidance of Dr. J. Gamgee from the Dick Veterinary College. 

Driven by the mission to unite and advocate for veterinarians worldwide, the WVA has steadfastly committed to advancing animal and global public health. 

The WVA plays a crucial role in shaping the veterinary medicine domain by promoting private and public veterinary services. 

This dedicated veterinarian day serves as a testament to the dedication and contributions of veterinarians in safeguarding the well-being of animals and communities worldwide.

2024 Theme

The WVA councillors chose Veterinarians are essential workers, as the central theme for this day of the veterinarian.

With comprehensive medical training, all graduated veterinarians are responsible for promoting public health and ensuring food safety and security, regardless of their specific field of expertise.

The core domains of veterinary science encompass various areas such as disease diagnosis, surveillance, epidemiology, prevention, and control, including the management of antimicrobial resistance

Veterinarians also oversee the health aspects of laboratory facilities, conduct biomedical research, provide health education and extension services, and regulate the production and quality control of biological products and medical devices. 

Additionally, they manage both domestic and wild animal populations, protect drinking water and the environment, and respond to public health emergencies.

There is an urgent need to strengthen the connections between human and animal medicine to effectively address emerging health challenges [1].

The 2024 WVD Award

Global applications for veterinary professionals are now open to display their contributions. The closing date for 2024 applications is 30 June 2024. A full list of entry details can be found on the WVD website.

As a veterinary practice, this is your chance to grab $5,000 for the valuable items your clinic needs to perform cutting-edge services to your patients on this international day of veterinary medicine, and every other day.

10 Ways to Celebrate

Here are some ideas for pet parents and veterinary professionals on how to celebrate World Veterinary Day.

Organize Educational Workshops 

Hold workshops for both veterinary professionals and pet parents to educate them about responsible pet care, common health issues, and preventive measures during this International Veterinary Day.

Community Outreach Programs

Arrange community events where veterinary professionals offer free or discounted check-ups, vaccinations, and consultations for pets in need.

Pet Adoption Drives

Collaborate with local animal shelters or rescue organizations to host adoption events, raising awareness about responsible pet adoption and ownership.

Veterinary Health Fairs

Host health fairs where veterinary professionals provide demonstrations on pet grooming, dental care, and nutrition, along with interactive activities for pet parents.

Social Media Campaigns

Launch campaigns to foster awareness about World Veterinary Day, sharing informative content, pet care tips, and success stories from veterinary professionals.

Veterinary Career Seminars

Arrange seminars for aspiring veterinarians, offering insights into the veterinary profession, career paths, and opportunities for professional development.

Pet First Aid Training

Conduct workshops on pet first aid and emergency preparedness, empowering pet parents to handle common emergencies until they can reach a veterinary clinic.

Therapy Animal Visits

Coordinate visits to hospitals, nursing homes, or schools with therapy animals, showcasing the positive impact pets and veterinary care can have on humans.

Two Golden Retriever therapy dogs lying on the grass

Research Symposia

Organize veterinarian symposia where veterinarians present their latest research findings, fostering collaboration and innovation within the veterinary community.

Environmental Conservation Activities

Arrange clean-up drives or awareness campaigns focused on environmental issues that affect animal health, such as pollution and habitat destruction.

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Happy World Veterinary Day!

World Veterinary Day
showcases the broad contributions of veterinary professionals. From pet care to global health, their efforts are vital.

Let’s recognize their impact and celebrate their achievements.

Remember to share your appreciation and experiences on social media using #worldveterinaryday and tag I Love Veterinary on Facebook and Instagram to showcase how you celebrated!

World Veterinary Day FAQs

What is the Meaning of World Veterinary Day?

World Veterinary Day is an yearly occurence that raises awareness about the vital role of veterinary professionals in animal health, welfare, and public health. It highlights the contributions of these individuals in promoting and protecting the well-being of animals and the people they serve.

Who Created World Veterinary Day?

World Veterinary Day was created by the World Veterinary Association (WVA).

Why Should World Veterinary Day Be Celebrated?

The professionals that serves the global community often have thankless jobs. This day serves as a reminder to instill appreciation for all their continued efforts in providing adequate pet care.

What is the Offical Hastag for World Veterinary Day?


When is World Veterinary Day?

World Veterinary day is celebrated annual on the last Saturday in April.

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