Akosua Kumi Nyarko

Rabies Control and Prevention
Large Animal Medicine
Animal Husbandry


  • Passionate Advocate for Veterinary Care Advancement
  • Nominated Twice for Worldwide Vet Golden Star Award
  • Founder of The Animal Aider Project (TAAP) - A Non-Profit for Animal Health and Education
  • Certified Rabies Educator by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control
  • Active Engagement in Public Education and Awareness
"My journey in the veterinary field has been fueled by an unwavering commitment to advancing veterinary care, particularly in the crucial realm of rabies prevention. Through The Animal Aider Project (TAAP), I've embarked on grassroots efforts to enhance animal health and promote responsible pet ownership in Ghanaian communities. I firmly believe that knowledge is the key to bettering the lives of our beloved companions. My goal is not only to practice veterinary medicine but also to empower pet owners with the insights they need to ensure the well-being of their cherished animals." - Akosua Kumi Nyarko, DVM


In the realm of veterinary care, Akosua's journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to animal well-being. She founded The Animal Aider Project (TAAP), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving animal health in Ghana. As a certified Rabies Educator, she advocates for rabies prevention. Her diverse training includes internships in small and large animal medicine. Before earning her DVM degree, the journey in veterinary medicine was enriched by diverse experiences. She immersed herself in internships at several hospitals, embracing a wide range of veterinary aspects. From client communication to laboratory diagnoses, small animal medicine, basic surgery skills, and even large animal medicine, she honed her skills and deepened her understanding of animal care. Her training extended to animal husbandry and even delved into the fascinating realms of aquatic and wildlife medicine. Currently a Veterinary House Officer at the University of Ghana, Akosua plays a pivotal role in disease diagnosis, treatment, and student supervision.


Akosua's educational journey in veterinary medicine has been instrumental in shaping her commitment to public education and awareness. Her veterinary training equips her to communicate complex topics for public understanding. Her online presence on Instagram reaches a wider audience. She actively engages in public speaking, inspiring a deeper understanding of responsible pet care and the role of veterinary professionals in fostering a healthier coexistence between humans and animals. Furthermore, she's extended her reach through public speaking engagements tied to her charity work. This allows her to connect directly with audiences, sharing her passion for veterinary care and animal welfare. Whether addressing local communities, schools, or events, her aim is to deliver impactful messages that inspire a deeper understanding of the importance of responsible pet care and the pivotal role of veterinary professionals in fostering a healthier coexistence between humans and animals, whether online or in person.

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