Amber LaRock

Licensed Vet Tech
Emergency Veterinary Medicine
Shelter Medicine
Veterinary Medicine


  • More than 12 years' experience as a Licensed Veterinary Technician
  • Published author
  • Professional dog trainer
  • Specialized in critical and emergency animal care
"My life's purpose is to help animals, and I've dedicated over 12 years to veterinary medicine. Through my online presence, I aim to provide readers with accurate and invaluable pet advice. Whether I'm writing, traveling to assist animal rescues, or cuddling furry friends, my passion for animals knows no bounds." - Amber LaRock (LVT).


Amber holds an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Veterinary Technology, which she obtained from Cedar Valley College. Her educational background, coupled with her extensive practical experience, positions her as a knowledgeable and trusted voice in the field of pet health and behavior. Her dedication extends beyond her professional life, as she is deeply involved in volunteering with animal rescues. In her free time, she enjoys reading and caring for her two cats, Oliver and Quinn. Amber's remarkable journey, her wealth of experience, and her dedication to spreading accurate pet information make her an invaluable asset to the world of veterinary medicine and pet care.


Amber's journey in veterinary medicine began with a strong educational foundation, earning her degree in Veterinary Technology in 2015. She accrued over 12 years of experience in veterinary medicine, specializing in emergency and critical care. Her career started at an emergency animal hospital, and she has since contributed her expertise to various renowned platforms, including The Puppy Mag, IHeartDogs, Love Your Dog, A-Z-Animals, Emergency Vets USA, and Sit Stay.

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