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Medication A-Z

Human Medications That Are Poisonous To Pets

Every pet owner encountered at least one situation of panic at home when their pet was sick. In these moments they reach for medications in the house that they think are safe for their fluffy family member after a consult with Dr.Google. Here we compiled a list of 10 medications that are poisonous for pets. …

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Opioids for small animals

OPIOIDS FOR SMALL ANIMALS MORPHINE (mu agonist) Use: moderate/severe pain Higher dose: good sedation – Causes vomiting – Risk of histamine reaction if given IV – time to effect: 20-30 minutes – duration of effect: 2-4 hours – dose: 0.1-1.0 mg/kg IM METHADONE (mu agonist) Use: moderate/severe pain Not so good sedation if used alone …

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Use of antibiotics in Veterinary Medicine

The use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine, precisely in livestock farming is potentially dangerous and leads to bacteria resistance increase thus putting the lives of animals and people at serious threat. What’s bothering is that veterinarians and farmers use them not only for treating infectious diseases based on proper diagnosis, but also in prophylactic purposes …

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