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Dr. Kaylee Ferreira, a South African vet from Johannesburg, excels in diverse veterinary roles. Founder of Kubuntu Veterinary Services, she's a dedicated animal lover and adventurer.
Rural Community Work
Rural Community Work
Rural Community Work


  • Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort in 2015
  • Founder of Kubuntu Veterinary Services (locum services)
"As a veterinarian, I've discovered a profession that embraces change and thrives on challenges. My journey has led me from the wilds of rural communities to the enchanting Lowveld, and I've even ventured into 'living la vida locum.' Through it all, the universal bond of 'ubuntu' guides my path, connecting me to the diverse world of veterinary medicine. I'm not just a vet; I'm a storyteller of the animal kingdom, sharing my experiences and insights with fellow animal lovers." - Kaylee Ferreira (Veterinarian).


Kaylee's educational journey culminated in her qualification as a veterinarian in 2015 from Onderstepoort, marking the beginning of her professional career. Since then, her path has been marked by continuous learning, adaptation, and an unwavering commitment to the welfare of animals.


This individual's veterinary odyssey commenced in the idyllic landscapes of rural South Africa, where she encountered a menagerie of animals, from rabid goats to loyal dogs. However, Kaylee's quest for diverse experiences led her to the captivating bushveld of the Lowveld, a setting that would become her chosen home. In a testament to her adventurous spirit, Kaylee opted for a unique career path, embracing the locum lifestyle, and founded Kubuntu Veterinary Services in June 2018. This endeavor offered her the opportunity to work in various clinics, learning from a spectrum of practitioners and gaining insights into different management styles and strategies. Outside the clinical realm, she is an avid contributor to multiple online publications specializing in pet and veterinary topics. Her writing serves as a bridge between the veterinary profession and the global community of animal lovers, sharing their knowledge and experiences with an eager and diverse readership.

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