National Pig Day – March 1st

National Pig Day is a holiday that is celebrated annually in the United States every March 1st since 1972. This holiday was created by sisters Ellen Stanley, a teacher from Texas, and Mary Lynne Rave from North Carolina. This holiday is mostly celebrated in the Midwest of the US.

national pig day

According to Mary Lynne Rave, the sole purpose of this holiday is to accord the rightful place of the pig as man’s most domesticated and intellectual animal.

Other National Days that are celebrated in March are National K9 Veterans Day, National Poison Prevention Week.

Celebrate National Pig Day

The celebration of this holiday usually includes events at the local ZOO, at the schools, nursing homes, and in some parts of the United States even at sporting events. Some people organize so-called “pig parties” where they make pink pig punch and serve pork delicacies. They also tie pink ribbon pigtails around trees to honor the pig.

kune kune pig celebrating pig parties

Some people may question whether this holiday is to give pigs “a rest day” or to enjoy them more with all they offer. It’s a dilemma.

You can be part of the celebration by reading up some interesting facts about pigs and their history, help a farmer out if you have spare time, or just be part of a pig’s party.

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Here are Some Interesting Facts About the Domesticated Pig

Pigs are one of the most diverse animals on the planet, with wild and feral populations living not just in virtually every part of the world but also in a wide variety of habitats. Including forests, tundra, deserts, and jungles to name just a few! So how do they fare in human society? We’re glad you asked.

  1. Newborn piglets recognize their mom’s voice and run to her. And they can recognize their own names at the age of two weeks.
three piglets rooting in grass
  1. Pigs can run up to 11mph.
  2. Pigs barely have any sweat glands.
  3. Pigs can squeal as loud as 115 decibels, which is louder than a supersonic airliner.
  4. Pigs can “talk”. There have been identified around 20 different vocalizations that pig use to communicate.
  5. Pigs can digest almost anything, including human bones. But not metal.
  6. Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals. They like to be kept in a group and sleep snuggled nose-to-nose.
  7. Pigs can swim! There is an island in the Bahamas where pigs live freely and swim in the ocean.
  8. Pigs are thought to be very intelligent animals. They have been known to play video games with humans, recognize human faces, and even use a joystick!
  9. All pigs are born with blue eyes. Their color will change to brown or black by the time that they are several weeks old.
  10. Pigs are omnivores and can eat almost anything. According to one estimate, they can eat up to 300 pounds of food per day.
pig eating a carrot
  1. When wild pig populations are culled by hunters, the pigs will run towards the nearest human settlement and knock on the door or even enter a building looking for food.
  2. Pigs are very social animals, and they often live in groups called “pigs of several hundred”, where their identity is known only by other members of the group. Piglets will follow groups that have been socialized together from birth.
  3. It is illegal to raise pigs as pets in most places. Most states in the U.S prohibit it, for example. For the same reason that it is illegal to own bear cubs as pets, pigs are considered dangerous animals. Wild boar populations also pose a threat to lawns and gardens of homeowners.
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