Separation anxiety in dogs

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National Adopt a Senior Pet Month – November 2018

Separation anxiety in dogs is something that we see more and more often. Pet owners have trouble keeping their pets calm when they have to leave them alone in the home.
Some will say that this is a behavioral problem that is brought on by the pet owner, that the dog is having separation anxieties because they are never alone to get used to it.
There are situations when dogs can develop separation anxiety after the death of a family member, or a traumatic event of another kind.

Separation anxiety in dogs can be managed with training. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety consult with a dog trainer that has experience in this field. Consult with your veterinarian too, maybe they can give you a prescription to keep the dog calm.

On the infographic below there are 5 things that you can do to train your dog to be confident home alone.


Separation anxiety in dogs


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