Pica Disorder in Dogs

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Pica disorder in dogs is a condition when dogs tend to have cravings for non-edible objects. These non-edible objects include rocks, plastic, and fabrics. Many times eating such objects can lead to a gastrointestinal obstruction that needs to be resolved with an exploratory surgery.

There are many reasons for Pica disorder, some of them have a medical background and usually with treating the underlying disease leads to treating Pica disorder. All these conditions are mentioned in the infographic below.
If the underlying cause for Pica is not medical and has a behavioral background, then collaborating with a veterinary behaviorist is the best option for your dog.

On the infographic below you can read how to recognize Pica, what are the most common medical reasons for Pica, how to diagnose it, and how to manage it.

Pica disorder in dogs

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