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Studying veterinary medicine at one of the Top 5 Vet Schools in Europe, and becoming an animal doctor is one of the most humane professions on the planet.

The profession is vivid and dynamic and gives you the opportunity to perform a large variety of tasks and work with all kinds of domestic or wild animals. From the southern to the northern globe, from lions to penguins, you can be trained to heal all animals.

Even though being a vet is quite an interesting life choice, the challenges of becoming one and getting the appropriate degree are vast. More info about the educational requirements for veterinarians to study at one of these European vet schools can be found by reading our article on Veterinary Doctors vs. Veterinary Technicians.

Not only during the studies, but many students find it hard to start their doctor profession right after graduation because to be realistic it’s not that easy working with animals.

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The impact of how well you are going to be prepared after finishing certainly depends on where you spent most of your 20s. This article is for all future veterinarians eager to get a certificate from one of the top vet schools in Europe. Check our Top 5 Veterinary Colleges in the US or Australia lists!

The rankings are designed by the team of QS WUR (World University Rankings) by the methodology of employers’ opinions, as well as the university research impact and their academic reputation. You can read the full list on their website.

The Top 5 Vet Schools in Europe

1. Royal Veterinary College – University of London

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Established in 1791, in the English-speaking world, the RVC is the oldest institution to teach veterinary medicine to students. It’s also widely regarded as one of the best vet programs in the world.

This veterinary school is the only exclusive one in the world to hold accreditations from some elite associations and organizations (Royal Society of Biology, AVBC – Australasian Veterinary Boards Council, EAEVE – European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education, RCVS – Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the AVMA – American Veterinary Medicine Association).

The college offers domestic and foreign students undergraduate courses in veterinary medicine, biological sciences, and veterinary nursing, along with postgraduate courses in clinical training, both taught and researched. The five-year undergraduate course grants the students with BVetMed (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine) degree.

The academic requirements are high grades in biology, chemistry and one more subject, proper certificate of English language and at least two weeks of work experience in the field.

This institution is also ranked 2nd in the World for its Veterinary Programme.

2. Vetsuisse Faculty Bern and Zurich

Vetsuisse Faculty Bern and Zurich

Second in our top 5 vet schools in Europe list, was founded in 2006, and is the culmination of the veterinary institutions of Bern and Zurich. 

It aims to educate its students in the “necessary scientific fundamentals for the understanding of biological correlation, in compliance with the dignity of the animals” in addition to providing education of a high caliber.

The wellbeing and health of all animals are a top priority at the institution, and they pride themselves on providing innovational research to this field of medicine.

3. Utrecht University – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Utrecht University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Emblem

Taking the bronze honors in our list, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University is the only institution in the Netherlands that teaches young people veterinary science. The classes are only taught in Dutch and the institution is considered one of the top veterinary schools in Europe.,

Except for teaching students how to practice veterinary medicine, they are also training them to do well in management, policy, and applied research further on in life.

There are two main programs at the faculty: Bachelor (three years) and Master of Veterinary Medicine (additional three years). The educational process in the Master program is led by competency.

This means that the faculty prepares students by enhancing the most important characteristics of a person needed for a good veterinarian. These include veterinary practice, cooperation, entrepreneurship, communication, health and welfare, personal development, and academic practice. The curriculum grants the student with the DVM degree.

The faculty accepts students considering their high school diplomas and achievements. Foreign students go through an evaluation process, as well as a Dutch language test.

4. The University of Edinburgh – The Royal School of Veterinary Studies

The university of edinburgh emblem

Coming in at number for, and again, situated in the UK and founded in 1823, The RSVS takes the bronze medal in the list of best Vet Med Schools in Europe. Their courses are accredited by the AVMA, AVBC, EAEVE, and RCVS, and the degree of BVM&S (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgeon) is equivalent to the North American DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine).

The school offers two main programs: The accelerated Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Degree, lasting four years, and Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Degree lasting five, with the latter being more acknowledged.

A relatively new branch is the Agricultural Science Program, which gives BSc (Hons) degrees. Master’s and post-graduate studies can be accomplished on-campus or by online distance learning. The main gain is developing techniques, knowledge, and specialization for previously generally taught subjects.

The applicants for each academic year are interviewed and evaluated considering academic and non-academic achievements and have high grades in the Resit examination. Both domestic and foreign students are welcomed, but the ones from the UK have an advantage in getting a spot.

5. Ghent University – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Ghent university logo

The University of Ghent in Belgium secures the prestigious fifth spot in our countdown of top veterinary institutions. Founded in 1817, it boasts a rich history and legacy in veterinary education. It’s accredited by esteemed veterinary organizations, including the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) and the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE), ensuring high-quality programs.

Ghent University offers a range of cutting-edge veterinary degrees, including a Doctor of Veterinary Science, a Master in Veterinary Medicine (MVM), and several specialized Master’s programs in fields like Equine Health and Biomedical Sciences. These programs equip students with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in animal healthcare.

To gain admission to these programs, aspiring veterinarians need a strong academic background in sciences, with prerequisites in biology, chemistry, and physics. Proficiency in English, often demonstrated through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL, is crucial for international applicants. Ghent University’s stringent admission criteria ensure that students are well-prepared to excel in the rigorous veterinary curriculum.

The University of Ghent’s commitment to excellence in veterinary education, combined with its historical significance and accreditation, makes it a top choice for aspiring veterinarians seeking world-class education.

Other Top Vet Schools in Europe

The 2023 European portion of this list is completed, with Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona coming in at #10 on the list and seeing the University of Glasgow in Scotland just missing out on making the top honors by coming in at #11.

Even if some of these institutions are far from your home or you do not have sufficient funds to support your studies at one of them, you can always consider the option of student exchange programs that each one offers.

That way, even for a moment, you can have a better glimpse at why they were listed as the best.

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