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Pet Appreciation Week – June 7-13 2020

Isn’t it sad that we only have one week a year to properly appreciate our pets?  Let’s make it a year-round habit, to love and cuddle and care for our pets and four-legged best friends 

boy, cat, dog, waterWe celebrate “Pet appreciation week” this year from the 7th to the 13th of June. The idea of the holiday is to connect with your pet on a more fun level and show them how much we really love and appreciate them. The weather is nice and warm, with no more rains (mostly) and all that allows us to explore nature with our pets. To take them on a hike in the mountains, to have a lovely beach day and let them soak their feet in the water, to play frisbee and fetch and so much more.

But, let’s not forget about all the precautions we need to take in order to protect them and thus show them how much we appreciate them. Before you go on an adventure with your furry friends make sure that all the vaccines are up-to-date, that your flea medication and deworming is on time, and when you come back home do not forget to check their entire body for possible foxtail or any injury/abrasions.

Have a lovely week with your pets 🙂

Happy Pet Appreciation Week!

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