The use of prosthetics in veterinary medicine is not new, in fact, it has been around in the last decade. The use of 3-D printed prosthetics is something that is on the rise now and it will help animals that lost a limb live their lives more comfortable than ever.

Dr. Patrice Mich, DVM at the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospitals, explains that we have always thought that animals adapt very well and very quick on three legs. But have we thought about alternatives? Long-term effects of amputations, especially in large breed dogs can be problematic, can limit the mobility, there can be a chronic back pain (about which we will never be aware of). The idea is that with a 3-D printed limb that is fitted just for that particular dog we can make its life much more comfortable and painless.

3-D printed prosthetics can be used for a diversity of conditions, from birth defects to injuries, osteosarcomas, and other reasons for amputation.

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