5 Things to Relax Yourself after a Long Day at the Clinic

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In this article you can read about our choice of 5 things to relax yourself after a long day at the clinic.
The harsh working hours inside most private practices are physically and emotionally demanding. The more we work and give ourselves to saving animals the more we need to take some time off, rest and relax so we can stay fresh and sane. Not everyone has the time and luxury to travel somewhere every weekend and recharge the batteries, but instead, you can add some useful everyday products to make you feel cozier and more relaxed at home.

Hooded blanket with paws and bones. 5 things to relax yourself after a long day at the clinicPaws and Bones – Hooded Blanket

Tuck yourself in and start feeling the difference immediately, especially for the upcoming cold winter nights. The blanket is specially designed and sprinkled with paw prints in a vivid vibrancy to remind you why you love your job so much. The premium quality is achieved through the handmade stitching of the edges thus expressing the cozy feeling and making it a durable product.

 Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book 2nd Edition

5 things to relax yourself after a long day at the clinic

You will dwell and enjoy in the magical world of animal anatomy by coloring masterful illustrations of dogs, cats, horses, goats, birds, pigs and cows, but also lizards, rabbits, snakes, and ferrets. There is no doubt that by the time you finish the book, your knowledge of veterinary anatomy will enhance. You can use the book at home after a hard-working shift, or take it with you at work and put some color in during the coffee or lunch break.

Shiatsu Foot Massager Electric Heat Kneading -Foot Massage Machine with Rolling and Air Compression for Home and Office for Men and Women

5 things to relax yourself after a long day at the clinic

Our feet suffer and bear so much during the day and can be responsible for numerous orthopedic conditions if we don’t take proper care. The closest it can get to a skillful professional massager, the machine features heating, rolling and kneading shiatsu functions and it’s the perfect fatigue eliminator.

Don’t argue with me I neuter for a living – Wine Tumbler

wine tumbler for veterinarians don't argue with me I neuter for a living. 5 things to relax yourself after a long day at the clinicThe statement ‘I neuter for a living’ is ridiculously accurate for those in the field. This fancy wine tumbler is made out of double stainless-steel wall for improved heat and cold retention. The outer powder coat is sweat free and soon after purchasing this will become your favorite drinking cup for wine during the evenings, and even coffee or tea during the day.

Bath & Body Works, Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle, Eucalyptus Spearmint

5 things to relax yourself after a long day at the clinic

It’s a well-known fact that veterinarians and vet techs encounter the foulest of smells and become rather tolerant to them. And that’s what makes them enjoy and appreciate sweet and relaxing aromas even more. The candles are a great addition to an atmospheric evening while taking a bath or reading a book and will fill the air with eucalyptus spearmint scent.


Take a bath once you come home from work. Light those aromatic candles in the living room and fill your favorite wine tumbler. Put your feet in the massage machine and cover yourself with your new warm blanket. Start with some coloring and tomorrow you will feel like a different person.