Adopt a Rescued Bird Month – January

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This month we celebrate “Adopt a Rescued Bird Month,” and we will talk about why you should brighten your home with a winged pet. When it comes to adopting a pet, almost everybody first thinks of a dog or a cat. Well, there are a lot of other senior animals that need a new forever home, like birds.

adopt a rescued bird month

What Constitutes a Rescued Bird?

Rescue birds are generally those that have been surrendered to an animal shelter or rescue organization due to a variety of reasons, such as the bird no longer fitting into its current home environment, the owner not being able to provide proper care for it, or even if the bird has been neglected. These birds may also come from hoarding situations, in which the owner has too many birds and is unable to properly care for them all.

When a rescue bird is brought into an organization, it goes through a thorough evaluation process that includes a health check, behavioral assessment, and personality evaluation. This helps the organization determine the best home for the bird, as different personalities may be better suited for different environments.

The rescue organization will also work to identify any medical or behavioral issues the bird may have and provide any necessary care or treatment before placing it into a new home. It is important that prospective adopters understand what comes with adopting a rescue bird so they can be prepared to meet those needs.

Why Adopt a Rescued Bird?

Adopt a rescued bird month is the perfect time to adopt a pet and make room for more adoptable pets like birds to find their forever homes.

Adopting a bird can be an extremely rewarding experience that will change your life for the better. Many adoptable birds have been abandoned, abused, or neglected by previous owners which gives them unique personalities and behavior traits that could lead to some interesting moments in their new homes!

For example, if you adopt a canary from your local shelter, chances are they have been through some sort of trauma so they may not sing as often as other pet birds. However, if you live with someone who works long hours this may be just what you need! In addition to learning about the quirks of each adoptable bird, you will also be opening up your home to a loving pet that is in need. If that isn’t enough motivation for you then adopt a rescued bird in honor of Adopt a Rescued Bird Month!

The Sad Figures

In the United States, there are around 100 parrot rescue organizations that deal with accepting and then rehoming these magnificent birds. You will ask why would a parrot end up in a shelter? Many people purchase birds on a whim, without taking into consideration all the things they will have to do around their birds.

They think these colorful and playful creatures that will stay in their cage all day and sing to them when they come back from work. These impulse buyers don’t realize that birds can be messy, they will toss food in and out of their cage, they can develop behavioral problems if they are caged all the time and they can scream for attention. Just like dogs need daily walking to spend their residual energy, birds need to fly. If they are not let out of the cage a couple of times a day to spread their wings, they can become restless and very noisy.

cockatiel in cage

Another thing people don’t take into consideration is that birds are pretty independent and not very submissive and you can’t teach them to behave like dogs. They will also need many tools for food and water, also toys to play inside the cage to keep them occupied. Some birds may be amazing pets that will cuddle with you, but most of them won’t hug. These are the main reasons they end up in shelters.

One very important facet of owning a bird is ensuring that you only supply foods that birds can eat!

Adopting ANY Rescued Animal This Month

There are many ways to adopt a pet! Some people adopt pets from their local shelter while others adopt through breeders or even private parties. You can adopt any type of pet during this month including reptiles, small mammals, large mammals, and even fish! No matter how much experience you have with birds there are adoptable birds available to you.

If you think that you are up the task to take care of a bird, please contact a bird rescue organization near you and consider adopting one. And be the best pet bird parent.

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Whatever type of pet you adopt this month, be sure to contact your local shelter to find adoptable birds. Also, don’t forget to honor adopt a rescued bird month by sharing this blog with other individuals who are looking for pets!

Happy Adopt a Rescued Bird Month!