African Swine Fever: Fact Sheet

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African Swine Fever factsheet infographic I Love Veterinary

What is ASF and what animals can get it?

  • A severe viral disease that affects the pig family.
  • Including domesticated and feral swine, wild boars, warthogs, giant forest hogs and bush pigs.
  • Spreads easily in pig herds.

Where does African Swine Fever occur?

  • Mainly in African countries.
  • It also occurred in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • China, Russia, and the Caucasus region.
  • Western Hemisphere (case is eradicated)

How can my animal get ASF?

  • It is often introduced into a herd by a pig ingesting uncooked or undercooked contaminated pork products (garbage or waste).
  • Rapidly spread among pigs by direct contact with an infected animal.
  • Direct contact with infected body fluids (nasal, blood, feces) and tissues.
  • Indirect contact with contaminated objects (vehicles, clothes, equipment, footwear). Vector (ticks, blood-sucking insects, flies).

How does ASF affect my animal?

  • High fever, weakness, diarrhea, decreased appetite, skin problems (blotchy, red skin, black lesions), respiratory illness (nasal discharge, coughing, difficulty breathing), abortion.
  • Death between 7-10 days.
  • Depopulation.
  • There are no vaccinations or treatments available.

How can I protect my animal?

  • The virus is harder to spread at low temperatures and with the use of many disinfectants.
  • Do not feed your animal with raw or undercooked pork products.
  • Prevent contact with feral or wild hogs.
  • Monitor for any signs of illness. Isolate pigs that are ill and contact a vet.

Can I get ASF? Who should I contact if my animal gets ASF?

  • No, ASF does not affect humans.
  • If your animal gets ASF, contact your vet immediately. ASF has never occurred in the US.

Infographic created by Arais Conde, find out more about her by visiting her Instagram or Portfolio.