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AVMA Annual Convention 2018

AVMA, the American Veterinary Medical Association, is hosting its annual convention in Denver, Colorado, starting today, July 13th till Tuesday, July 17th. The convention will be held at the Colorado Convention Center.
The American Veterinary Medical Association is the leading advocate in the country for the veterinary profession and every aspect of it. By now, they have over 89 000 members. Their duty is to promote and advocate the needs of all veterinary professionals.
The conventions they do offer something for everybody, for every professional background and professional interest.

Some of the areas that will be covered at this year’s convention are companion animals and internal medicine, practice management and professional development, veterinary technology, corporate and public practices, workshops, farm animals and equines, and much more.

If you haven’t got the time to go to the convention, there is an opportunity to be part of it online. All AVMA members can be part of the live streaming for free. You just need to register for the stream here.

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