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Breakthrough in FIP research

FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is a viral disease that affects cats and it is caused by certain strains of Feline Coronavirus. In the initial stage of infection, most cats don’t show any symptoms and an immune reaction occurs. With small percent of cats, 5-10%, can come to either mutation of the virus or not a proper immune response, and the infection progresses to a clinical manifestation of FIP.

Once a cat develops clinical signs of the disease, the disease is progressive and almost always fatal.

Most cats don’t show symptoms of an infection, but those that do may show not so obvious upper respiratory signs (sneezing, watery eyes, nasal discharge…), other cats may have GI symptoms like diarrhea. Development of symptoms may occur after weeks, months, even years post exposure.

Morris Animal Foundation funded a study in which FIP infected cats were given a new antiviral drug and the result was remission. This trial was conducted with 20 cats that presented FIP symptoms to which the new drug was given. They were able to achieve remission with most of the cats, the ones with neurological signs were not so lucky. Early FIP diagnosis is of grave importance.


Read the whole article about this study here:

Interview with Dr. Kibble - New York City Veterinarian
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