California to reject animal testing for cosmetics. The state of California announced that they will be the first to reject animal testing for cosmetic purposes. At the beginning of this month, they passed a legislation that will end all sales of cosmetics (even the most basic ones like shampoo and lipstick) if they were tested on animals.
The vote to pass the legislation was unanimous and awaits the signature of Governor Jerry Brown, known for his fights for animal rights. He is known for passing a law in California that bans selling puppies from puppy mills in the pet stores.

California to reject animal testing for cosmeticsCalifornia is the most populated country in the United States and the fifth biggest economy. This law will have a huge impact on the economy in the United States and abroad.
Similar to California, almost 40 other countries in the world have already banned or limited the use of laboratory animals for cosmetic testing.

The world is going forward and realizing that testing on animals for cosmetic purposes is extremely cruel, unnecessary and outdated practice. In this process of testing for cosmetics, countless animals suffer. Guinea pigs, bunnies and rats have drops in their eyes, creams all over their bodies and even pills stuffed in their throats. When they suffer a negative effect from the drugs they are left without any pain medication.

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