CRAZY For National Tech Ag Day (21 September)

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What is National Tech Ag Day? 

On September 21, 2023, NAAE will celebrate National Tech Ag Day. The NAAE National #Teach Ag Day promotes school-based agriculture education. It marks the crucial role that agricultural instructors play in our communities and schools. 

The National Teach Ag Campaign is an NAAE program. The CHS Foundation and BASF provide financial assistance for this day. This is a day that you should participate in its celebrations.

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Photo courtesy of: National Association of Agricultural Educators

Who is it for?

NAAE National #Teach Ag Day is a day to celebrate school-based agricultural education and share the story of agricultural education’s importance and effectiveness in the United States. It is also a day to encourage students to consider careers as school-based agriculture teachers. 

This National Teach Ag Day is open to anyone who wants to celebrate school-based agricultural education and share the story of agricultural education’s importance and effectiveness in the United States.

Who is Responsible for National Tech Ag Day?

As a component of the National Teach Ag Campaign, the National Association of Agricultural Educators takes the initiative to celebrate NAAE National #TeachAg Day each year. The CHS Foundation and BASF provide financial support to make the NAAE National #TeachAg Day a reality.

2022 Engagement Opportunities

Getting involved in NAAE National #TeachAg Day is easy to do because of the many available opportunities.

Participate in the National #TeachAg Day Live Webcast

Join the 2022 NAAE National #TeachAg Day Live Webcast from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, September 15, 2022! This year’s events will be at CHS Inc. headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

2022 NAAE #TeachAg Day Tagged Photo Submissions

You can send your images tagged with #TeachAg to the NAAE by the 30th of August for consideration in celebrating the 2022 NAAE National #TeachAg Day. Please visit the online submission form to learn more about the features’ requirements and specifics.

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2022 NAAE #TeachAg Day Collegiate Contest

To include colleges in the 2022-2023 NAAE National #TeachAg Day celebration, the NAAE is soliciting video submissions from colleges and universities all over the country that provide a pathway to earning a teaching agriculture degree or certification. Institutions should submit a film. 

They should view this as an excellent opportunity to explain to people why their school offers the most prestigious agricultural education degrees in the country. The deadline for video submissions is on August 30.

Participate in the Discussion on Social Media!

It will be a pleasant experience to let others know how you commemorate NAAE National #TeachAg Day and how an agricultural teacher (or teachers) influences your life. Make sure to use the hashtag #TeachAg in all of your postings!

The History of National Tech Ag Day

The Agriculture Council of America is responsible for planning and executing National Agriculture Day, whose first celebration was in 1973. (ACA). The mission statement of the ACA is to “increase the public’s knowledge of the role that agriculture plays in modern society.” 

The purpose of Ag Day is to acknowledge and rejoice in all the benefits that agriculture brings to society. The goal of Ag Day is to increase the number of individuals who have a solid comprehension of the contributions that agriculture offers to the community, as there are now too few. 

Various people and organizations celebrate this holiday annually, including farmers, agricultural associations, schools, and government institutions. It also encourages people in the United States to learn more about foods and fibers and explore working in agriculture as a profession. 

The National Agri-Marketing Association and the American National CattleWomen were the organizations that were responsible for organizing the very first National Agriculture Day. The American Cooperative Association (ACA) was responsible for coordinating the first National Ag Day events in Washington, D.C., in 1979. 

They continue to do so even to this day. You can find it all around the country in multiple settings. Get out there and tell people about the celebration of farmers in the United States.

farmer driving a tractor at sunrise in a field


As we celebrate National Teach Ag Day this September, get ready to dust off your overalls and offer some gratitude to those who work in agriculture. 

National Teach Ag Day is of the utmost significance, particularly in the modern world we currently inhabit, which is under the rule of technology and lifestyles with a high activity rate. Even though agriculture is not the primary emphasis of the nation, it is nonetheless crucial for the economy and everyone everywhere! Let us celebrate this day together.

While educating the public about available working opportunities in this sector, we should never overlook the importance of the dangers associated with working in this industry and should simultaneously increase awareness of National Farm Health and Safety Week while we’re at it.