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Discovery of new feline viruses

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A recently published study, in the “Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery”, discovers new feline viruses that affect cats. The newly discovered feline viruses are Gammaherpesvirus (GHVs) and Morbilliviruses that affect the domestic cat. The ways these viruses cause disease is still unknown and scientists are working on discovering that.

 new feline virusesThe Gammaherpesvirus has very little known epidemiology. We know that kittens can get infected at an age of 2 months and that most of the affected adult cats are persistently infected. The prevalence is higher in the male cat that is at least 2 years old, and with those cats that are already with FIV or Hemoplasma species. It is believed that most of the infections are subclinical, but FcaGHV1 infected cats are at higher risk of illnesses.

The Feline Morbillivirus is also not fully understood. Several studies have detected the presence of this virus in both healthy and sick cats. The virus is difficult to isolate and there can be many false-positive results. Another thing that remains unclear is how cats get infected and how is the virus spread. The prevalence of the virus is believed to be in multicat households and stray colonies. It is believed that the virus might be responsible for liver and kidney diseases.

Read the original article “New Feline Viruses Identified”.

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