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We decided to do a short interview with one of the heroes in veterinary medicine Dr. Michael Lazaris. He is one of those people who manage to have a successful vet career and at the same time share the beautiful profession with all of us on Instagram. We know him for his cute pictures on his Instagram profile and we would like to share his inspiring story with you too!

Read on to get to know more about Dr. Lazaris.

Tell us Something About Yourself

My name is Michael Lazaris and I’m currently working as a small animal vet in London. I’m 28 years old and graduated from vet school 3 years ago. I’m half Greek, half Welsh by blood but was born in South Africa. I moved to Greece when I was 13 and then to the UK at 19 to study.

Why did you Decide to Become a Vet?

Growing up in South Africa meant that I got to spend a lot of time around nature and animals. My parents let me have as many pets as I wanted so we ended up with a little zoo of dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, birds, rats, frogs, chameleons…you name it! My uncle is a scientist, so he spent time taking me to museums and taught me a lot about animals and biology from a young age. I decided I wanted to be a vet from the age of six and I stuck with it!

Michael Lazaris with a pet pig

Where did you study?

I was lucky enough to study in Edinburgh, at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies. Edinburgh is an amazing city with beautiful buildings, loads of culture, and friendly people. My first two years were at the original vet school building, in the heart of the city. This meant we got to enjoy our exciting courses but also enjoy university in a vibrant city without your parents telling us what to do!

We then did our clinical years in the brand new vet school 20 minutes outside the city. Everything there is state of the art and has some of the best researchers in Europe, as well as some of the best veterinary clinicians in the UK. I also had the opportunity to take a year out from vet school and complete a degree in zoology, which was a completely different style of teaching/learning and got to join a team researching malaria. This also meant an extra year of enjoying Edinburgh to the max! I’d recommend Edinburgh University to anyone and everyone!

What does your Veterinary work include?

Right now I am locuming around London working with small animals. In other words, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and occasional birds and reptiles. I like most areas of veterinary medicine but love a bit of surgery and get really excited whenever we have exotics in the clinic. My veterinary work also includes a lot of Instagramming cute puppies and kittens!

We see a lot of Interesting Pictures from your Patients. Can you tell us More About the Ones you Found the Most Interesting and the Most Challenging?

I think the most interesting cases are the ones you never expect. One I’ll always remember is an adorable kitten that came in for his vaccinations but I noticed the breathing was a bit unusual. I booked him in for X-rays and we discovered he had a periteoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia, which means the sac around his heart was fused to his diaphragm, allowing his intestines and liver to herniate into the sac around his heart! My most challenging cases are always euthanasias or getting to the point where we need to make that tough decision, but Instagram doesn’t get to see that side of my job.

Michael Lazaris and the collars of shame!

What’s the thing you love the most about your job?

I love that every day can be different, and you never know what to expect. We can also take our degree and go to work anywhere in the world, which is really exciting. Oh, and the puppies and kittens, of course!

Do you Have any Advice for Future Vets?

For those of you trying to get into vet school, do as much work experience as you can in different fields of veterinary medicine, even abattoirs! For vet students, vet school can be tough but don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Those five or six years will be the craziest years of your life, so don’t spend the whole time in the library!

What are Your Goals/Plans for the Future?

I’m currently planning to do some volunteering abroad which is really exciting! There are so many domestic and wildlife charities that need our help, and it’s a great feeling to be able to contribute towards their aims. I think I’d like to eventually move into charity work and campaigning… But something that still allows me to operate from time to time!

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If you want to see more interesting pictures check out his Instagram profile.

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