Over the past few decades, bunny rabbits became a very popular pet choice. In fact, in the United States, bunnies are the third most popular pet, after dogs and cats. This said they are the third most abandoned animals too. Especially in the following months after Easter.

People have the misconception that it is a very cute thing to buy your children or significant other a bunny for Easter because it is the symbol of the holiday. Many people that do this do not even know how to properly take care of bunnies, how long bunnies live, what is an appropriate diet for bunny rabbits, and the fact that they require special veterinary care. In fact, most people think that rabbits live just a few years. With proper care, rabbits can live up to 10-12 years.

Animal shelters and rabbit rescue groups report that 6 weeks after Easter and in the summer are the worst months for bunnies. People then realize that they “made a mistake”, or their bunny hit puberty, and they do not know how to handle them anymore. And they hand them over to animal shelters.

If you decide to have a pet, no matter if that is a dog, a cat or a bunny rabbit, make a full commitment. Having a pet, especially an exotic one like a rabbit takes a lot of work and patience.

Always be a responsible pet owner.


Read more on bunnies around Easter and their welfare here: https://goo.gl/5d5rti