How much do you know about the exploit of elephants?

We spent an evening grazing through the Vet Society blog and stumbled upon an article about the most magnificent creatures, the elephants.

group of elephants in waterIn this article, they inform us about the Human-Elephant Learning Program, short H-ELP.
H-ELP was founded by Dr. Andrew McLean, a renowned equine behaviorist, whose aim is to use scientifically grounded training principles to try to greatly improve the lives and welfare of working elephants.
He decided to start this program because the techniques to train elephants until now were old and generally based on cruelty and submission a.k.a breaking the animal’s spirit.
These training methods were not based on animal cruelty and the elephant trainers, known as Mahouts, used these old methods because they did not know for anything better.

How can we help the elephants?

The foundation offers an ethical approach, scientifically proven methods to train working elephants.
It’s easy to say that the best way to stop animal cruelty is to retire all elephants but the sad fact is that in Nepal, Myanmar and other communities depend on elephants for agriculture, forestry and tourism. The whole idea behind this program is to find the balance between treating the elephants right and still manage the coexistence of the socioeconomic viability and their welfare.

Want to read the whole article about these amazing elephants?

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