Exam by Breeanna Smith

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Information in; hours, weeks, months we sit in the same seats.
Ebbing and flowing, the information tumbling across the room.

                This virus is exotic to Australia.
This bacterium enters the cell by endocytosis.
This neoplastic cell is highly invasive.
It swishes around in our brains like the shimmy
of a stingray, disturbed, murky.

It’s the day, moment of truth, I see pacing and hands wringing.
Deep breath, superman pose, it increases testosterone.
We stand for five minutes building our confidence.
Brick by brick, layer with superman cement, make it stick.

Doors open, file in, allocated seats
breathe, breathe, breathe.
Reading time, write.

Information out; seconds, minutes, hours.
Papers collected, sympathetic glances.
Some sober, some furious, some so stubbornly ready to burst into flames.
We understand.
We have been in this together.
Heard every work, read every slide, equal chances to ace or scrape.
We did our best.