FDA warns about isoxazoline drug use. The FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) issued a warning to all pet owners and veterinarians about the potential risk for neurologic effects that the drugs in the class of isoxazoline might have on dogs and cats when treated for internal and external parasites.

All the products that have agents from this class of drugs have previously obtained an approval from the FDA. Since then, new data that the agency received shows indications that some animals experienced adverse effects after the application, effects such as ataxia, muscle tremors, and even seizures. The products in question as the main ingredient have fluralaner, afoxolaner, sarolaner or lotilaner.

Now the FDA is contacting all the manufacturers of these products in order to make them include a label on the product that will warn for the potential risks and adverse effects. All these products are still safe and effective for the majority of animals that use them, but since the discovery of the adverse effects, a warning label must be included on all products.

The FDA is also reaching to all veterinarians and veterinary practices suggesting to them to address and treat every patient as an individual and use their training to assess if a potential risk when using these products is possible.

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