Dog owners were giving bones to their dogs since the beginning of the domestication of the wolf. But also, science and veterinary medicine have come far along to the point that veterinarians and veterinary officials no longer approve of bones as appropriate chew toys for dogs.

Bone treats are different from the traditional butcher-style uncooked bones because they’re processed and packed and sold in your local pet-shop. You can come across a variety of treats labeled as “Ham bones”, “Rib bones”, “Femur bones”, “Smokey knuckles”. These products may be dried by smoking or baking and may also contain many preservatives and flavorings.

The FDA warns against giving any kind of bone or bone treat to your dog because of the enormous damage these treats can do. Some of the reports that the FDA received were regarding GIT obstructions, choking on a piece of bone, lacerations, and inflammation in the mouth and tonsils due to sharp parts of the bone, vomiting, and diarrhea, rectal bleeding and sometimes death. There have been 15 dogs reported having died after eating a bone.


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