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Our pets can add so much joy to our lives. Having them in our homes can enrich our environment. Unfortunately, pets can bring with them some unwanted pests. A cat with fleas can cause some serious frustration, for us and the cat as well. Frontline Plus for cats is the most effective solution in fighting off unwanted fleas.

Things to consider before buying Frontline Plus for cats

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It often seems like cat’s get less consideration when it comes to flea control. Whether a cat is indoor only, outdoor, an only pet, or amongst other pets; their prevention against fleas and ticks is just as important.

Is your cat indoors and outdoors?

If your cat goes outside in any fashion, they are at risk to fleas and ticks. Even time spent on the patio puts your pet at risk. Each time your cat comes back indoors from their outside adventure, they are potentially bringing unwanted pests into your home. Providing them with the protection that Frontline Plus for cats will not only protect your cat, but your home as well.

What if my cat doesn’t go outside?

You may have the understanding that if a cat doesn’t go outside, they can’t get fleas or ticks. Ectoparasites (parasites that live on the outside of the host) can easily sneak into your house through other pets, pests of other kinds, and even by hitching a ride on humans. Just because your cat is indoor only does not mean they should lack flea and tick prevention.

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How does it work?

Frontline Plus for cats works in multiple ways to protect against ectoparasites. It combines fipronil and (S)-methoprene to create a powerful killing agent against fleas, ticks and lice. Not only does it kill the adult forms of fleas, it also eradicates the next generation of fleas by eliminating the flea eggs and larvae.

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How long is it effective?

Frontline Plus for cats provides powerful protection against fleas and ticks for 30 days. Unlike some products that require a flea to bite your pet in order for the product to work, frontline plus for cats works through contact with your cat’s hair coat. This means less irritation, discomfort, and faster action for your pet.

Is it easy to apply?

Frontline Plus for cats is extremely user friendly. A simple application between your cat’s shoulder blades will provide your cat with quality protection for 30 days. Once the product has been on your pet for 24 hours, they can then bathe, swim, or enjoy any other activities that involve your pet getting wet.

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Features & Benefits

Frontline Plus for cats provides a powerful protection unlike many other lead preventatives. You may think what’s important is killing the adult fleas that are currently on your pet, but this is not the case. If a product only kills the adult fleas, you would soon be seeing evidence of fleas in your home again. How is this possible?

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There are 4 main stages of the flea life cycle. By only killing the adults, you are missing the other generation of fleas that are being produced. This is how flea infestations invade your home. Frontline plus for cats not only kills the adults, but annihilates the eggs and larvae. By doing this, the flea life cycle is stopped in its tracks.

Why is flea and tick prevention so important?

Fleas and ticks are responsible for much more than itchiness and discomfort. Ectoparasites bring with them the potential to cause serious conditions and diseases. Among these are flea allergy dermatitis, anemia, tape worms and several dangerous blood parasites. Some of these conditions are not species specific, meaning humans could suffer from these conditions as well. Having your cat on preventative care can protect your health, as well as your pet’s health.

What users have to say about it

Frontline Plus for cats has impressed many pet owners and professionals through its’ powerful and reliable protection against fleas and ticks. Take a look at what others have to say!

Frontline plus is applied for the destruction of insects and ixodid ticks parasitizing on cats, as well as protecting animals from their attack. This medicine is suitable for both preventing parasites infection, and for treating the infection consequences. It is also prescribed for allergic dermatitis.”


“I have used Frontline Plus for 4 years with no problems. The fleas disappear almost immediately. I will continue to use it!”

-Annie O’Quin on Facebook

Fleas and ticks can wreak havoc on your pet and in your home. No matter the daily habits of your pet, it’s important to keep them free of any potential dangers that hide within their fur. Providing your pet with reliable protection against these pests is the key to having a happy and itch free home!

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