One of the few specialty clinics of this kind in the world held its grand opening recently in Florida. We are talking about a specialty center dedicated to the care of veterinary patients with cardiac problems. This project, this hospital is the idea of Dr. Augusta Pelosi and Giovanni Di Stadio. Their idea came from Giovanni’s dog Bella, that was unfortunate to be a victim of a heart failure before he was able to find a specialist to treat her.


The new hospital will offer advanced surgical care, treatments, patient management and prolonging of the lives of cardiac patients.

Giovanni says that while he was heartbroken for his dog, that led him to Dr. Pelosi, the world’s only veterinarian that is double certified with specialization in veterinary cardiology and veterinary cardiac surgery.

The veterinary cardiology center will also serve as an incubator for innovation and research for new surgical procedures, the creation of new medical devices and creation of new pharmaceuticals.

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