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Leptospirosis in Tanzania

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A recent research study, published in the “PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases”, has discovered that more than 1% of goats and sheep, and more than 7% of cattle from the local slaughterhouses in Tanzania were positive for Leptospirosis.

cattle on a fieldWe are talking about a bacterial disease which in humans can manifest with mild to severe symptoms, that may lead to liver failure, kidney damage and even death. The bacteria are very common in tropical parts of the planet but can occur worldwide and especially in people working with animals outdoors. At the moment, in Tanzania, leptospirosis is one of the main causes of febrile disease.

For the research, more than 380 rodents were trapped and tested and surprisingly they were all negative. On the other hand, samples from cattle and sheep and goats from the slaughterhouse showed positive results. All these positive animals have the potential to cause a disease to people.

Read the entire article, click HERE.

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