Let’s talk about lion exploitation.We are talking about an African program about cub petting, walking with lions and cub rearing by volunteers.
Sound cute and fun, like an amazing experience to spend time with these amazing and adorable beasts, the Kings and Queens of the jungle. But, the reality is quite different and very horrifying.

lion cubIn their programs, they state that the lion cubs were found orphaned, without mothers, and that they were their only chance for survival. In reality, the cubs were taken from their mother immediately after they were born and bottle fed to teach them to trust humans and to seek human touch.
When they grow up, they are transferred to the “walking with lions” part where they are thought to be friendly with tourists. Thought with the magic of beating with a stick… The horror continues when they reach sexual maturity and they become a bit unpredictable around tourists. It’s then when they are transferred to the breeding farm to produce more cubs for petting. And when they can no longer reproduce, they are offered to tourists to shoot them.

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