Veterinary Nurse Initiative, veterinary technician, dog, examinationWe all know about the Veterinary Nurse Initiative, making people talk about this issue for the past few months. In short, the Veterinary Nurse Initiative is about creating a unified registered veterinary nurse credential recognized across all states in the United States of America.

The initiative is ongoing and is getting more support every day.

The newest support comes from the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics (SVME). This group is working on promoting debates and discussions about ethical issues in the veterinary world. The made a statement claiming that they fully recognize the knowledge and professionalism of veterinary technicians.

Currently, the essential members of every veterinary clinic are identified under many titles and it differs from state to state which credentials and titles are recognized and which not. Today, you can come across a certified veterinary technician, registered veterinary technician, a licensed veterinary technician. All this is very confusing for the general public that brings their pets to the veterinary clinic.

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