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Most common external parasites in dogs and cats

Here we have an infographic about the most common external parasites in dogs and cats.
Most dogs and cats encounter at least few of these external parasites throughout their lives. External parasites can be very irritating for the animal and some of them can cause serous illnesses.

There are many animals that react more severely to the bites of fleas and ticks, for example, and others have more mild symptoms. Some external parasites are the primary carriers for other diseases like Leishmaniosis or Heartworm disease. With the bite of an infected external parasite these diseases can be transmitted to the pet.

Is is very important for the animal to be on a strict regimen for protection against external parasite. Consult with your primary veterinarian what is best for your pet. The choices are vast, from spot-on products, to pills that protect against internal and external parasites at the same time, to collars and many other products.

On the infographic below are listed the 10 most common external parasites in dogs and cats.


external parasites in dogs and cats


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