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National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day – August 22nd

Almost every household in the United States of America has pets. Cats and dogs are an integral part of our lives and every day they make us feel more loved and better persons. That is why we have vet day holiday to remind us 🙂
Cats, in comparison to dogs, are very good liars and they hide the pain like artists. That is why you, as a pet owner, should never wait until the last moment to take your cat for a veterinary check-up. It might be too late.

cat, feline, veterinary, healthAnnual health exams at your local veterinary clinic are very important to ensure that your fluffy cat gets to live a long and healthy life. But some of the cats absolutely hate to go to the vet. Some cats despise their carriers, some cats despise the smell of animals at the clinic’s waiting room, and some cats absolutely do not cooperate when they are being examined.

There are several ways to help your cat feel more at ease when it comes to stressful veterinary visits.
For example, turn the carrier into a fun zone where the cat feels comfortable. Put a cozy blanket or a bed inside and lots of treats and toys to make the cat go inside on her own.
And always make sure to have your cat safe in the carrier while in the waiting room with no way to escape and get hurt.
Comfort your cat.
Even if your cat still doesn’t want to cooperate, the trained veterinary professionals know their job, they will know how to handle a scared cat.

Your job as a pet owner is to make sure that your cat is up-to-date on vaccines (even if the cat lives indoors), is being microchipped, and has a yearly health check-up.

Take advantage of this holiday, take your cat to the vet ????

We suggest you to read this article about Vaccination schedule for cats in Europe .

Happy National Take your Cat to the Vet Day!

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