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Someone’s favorite and someone’s not-so-favorite companion animals do have their own national holiday. Cats have indeed some unique and specific characteristics both in behavior and look and have a special place in the field of veterinary medicine.

The National Cat Day was initially celebrated in 2005 as a way to raise awareness about the vast number of homeless cats around the world. The founder of National Cat Day, Colleen Paige is also dog rights enthusiast that ignited the National Dog Day, National Puppy Day and National Pet Day movements. Besides owning and taking care of pets, Colleen also worked a lot with wild cats in centers for behavioral rehabilitation.sleepy cat national cat day

Since 2005, the National Cat Day is celebrated every 29th of October. The main goals of the organized celebration are to promote cat adoption and cat neutering and spaying as a way to stop the overpopulation trends.

Approximately 4 million cats enter shelters for homeless animals around the globe annually, and sadly almost half of them end up being euthanized. Promoting adoption as a way to save a life and have your whole life changed for better exactly on this day can help many cats in finding their new families.


We are convinced that you, our truthful cat lovers, already have some ideas on how to celebrate the National Cat Day in 2017, but just in case we will present some ideas that might inspire you.

For us, the most important gestures are the humane ones. So, celebrating 29th of October can be done through adopting a shelter cat, donating food, blankets, toys and even money to local shelters or welfare organizations, and volunteer in means of cleaning cages, littering boxes or just playing with the cats.national cat day

For those of you that already have a cat or five and want to spend the day in a rather intimate atmosphere with your pets here’s what you can do. You can spend the day taking beautiful photos of your cats and post them afterward on social media. Make sure you use National Cat Day tags and descriptions. Have someone make a custom portrait of your cat, buy them some new favorite toy or give them a relaxing and calming massage.

Offer some elderly neighbors assist in cleaning their cat’s litter box and spend a little time playing with their cats and giving them some tasty treats. Also, if you have some friends that are nuts about cats, have a National Cat day party organized in your home. For this occasion, invent a cat-related dress code fashion and face makeup. The party can’t start without some cat-shaped baked cookies.

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Use the time to educate your children about proper ways to treat cats and animals in general maybe let them choose a new family member in the nearest shelter. What’s better day than today?

Remember how much your cat means to you and buy him or her, a collar with your number and name written, just in case it becomes lost.

We wish all cat lovers to have a splendid National Cat Day celebration and share some photos and interesting stories on how you spent this holiday.

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