A recent veterinary study, conducted at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, describes a successful non-invasive echo therapy in a canine cancer patient. The study was funded by the Focused Ultrasound Foundation. The foundation is researching alternative treatments of dogs with sarcoma and mast cell tumors with the Theracilon’s Echopulse technology. dog at the vet

Dr. Jeffrey Ruth, DVM, says that the patients in this study have tumors that usually tend to form on the limbs, and if they do not remove them completely surgically they tend to come back. That is was very often an amputation is required. They believe that this new non-invasive technology will provide the necessary ablation of the mass without surgery and will also trigger an auto-immune response from the body.

The original technology was designed for the tumor treatment of humans but was easily adapted for the treatment of companion animals as well.

Veterinary patients for testing this new technique may show faster results and in that way speed up the discoveries for human use of the same apparatus.

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