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Parvo “Epidemic” in Australia

Is there a parvo “epidemic” in Australia? A recent study, conducted by the University of Sydney, has found and published that parvovirus is now more prevalent in Australia than ever before. They found that every year there are around 20 000 cases of parvovirus in puppies in Australia. Their study showed that almost half of these cases end up with the death of the puppy. The study was published in the “Transboundary and Emerging disease” journal.

The study was conducted in a form of a survey, surveying 534 veterinary clinics across Australia and this is the first study of this kind since 1982. The survey showed that the prevalence of the disease is higher in rural, remote areas and areas with lowe socioeconomic status despite the availability of vaccines today.

Parvo “Epidemic” in AustraliaCanine Parvovirus Disease is a deadly disease that occurs in puppies and young unvaccinated dogs. The disease causes a destruction of the gastrointestinal tract, with atrophy of the intestinal mucosa and villae which results in severe bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration.

The study showed that most of the pet owners were not able to afford the treatment for parvovirus which resulted in euthanasia of their puppy. The cost of treatment for this disease in Australia varies from 1500-2500 Australian dollars depending on which state you are. Many of the pet owners could not afford that.

The study showed that vaccination is extremely important in the rural and remote areas of the country in order to protect your dog from this disease, especially when we have numbers like these.

Read the original article “Puppy-killing disease rampant in Australia”.

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