Popular dog breeds – 100 years overview

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It feels like dogs have been around us since forever and in a way that is correct. Since ancient ages, when wolves figured out that it’s easier to “domesticate” us in order to have food, people are proud that turned wolves into dogs.
Since the wolves, our furry companions, the dogs, changed looks and colors and sizes a lot.
They were bred for hunting, herding livestock, guarding the home, and even babysitting.

Over the years, humans have created at least 167 different official dog breeds with a variety of color, size, shape and special traits. But, at the end of the day, all these unique breeds belong to the same species.

We found a great read about the Top 10 Italian Dog Breeds, you can check it out. 

Bull TerrierOn The Vet Society blog, you can check out a 100-year comparison of how our favorite breeds looked then and now.
They have listed the Bull Terrier, the Basset Hound, the Boxer, the English Bulldog, the Daschund, the German Shepherd, the goofy little Pug, the St. Bernard and others.

Check out The Vet Society blog and read more about the transformation of our favorite dogs.

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