The United Kingdom is facing the risk of “exotic parasite” epidemic due to the high number of imported domestic animals, more specific pets.

A leading parasitologist, Dr. Ian Wright, from the ESCAAP (European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites) claims that the threat is very real and that the United Kingdom is risking being under the influx of parasitic and vector-borne illnesses in the next years. He says that the problem is the uncontrollable import of pets and that reducing this number is key to solving the problem.

Dr. Wright also states the part of the problem are the people that want to do good for the stray animals and they adopt them from foreign countries and import them into the UK. With good intentions, they are risking the health of the dog, their community, their home.

He says because of all the imported animals, not the UK for the first time in many years have reports for cases of eye worm (Thelazia callipaeda), skin worm (Dirofilaria repens) and nasal pentastomid (Linguatula Serrata), all from imported dogs.


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