Research before getting a pet

The Animal Welfare PAW report for 2018 reveals that quite a big number of pet owners didn’t do research before getting their pet and that resulted in welfare issues for their pet.
According to the report, based on statistics from the United Kingdom, 1 in 4 pet owners, that is around 5.2 million people, never researched about having a pet. Information about the specific breed, congenital or hereditary disease, what to look for, behavioral characteristics etc. rottweiler puppies fence
Because of this research failure, many pets and their specific need have been neglected or passed on as “bad behavior”. Many of these pets end up in shelters because they do not behave “like in that film we saw last Summer”…

Some of the statistics showed that up to 40% of pet owners don’t know the correct body weight for their dog or cat, 77% of cat owners would like to change some of the normal cat behavior without even to care to understand why the cat is behaving like that, and that half of the rabbits that are kept as pets are alone, when in fact they should be at least in pairs.

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