The veterinarians at the Brookfield Zoo decided to get unconventional with their latest patient. Their patient was a 7-year old black rhino named Layla, that was unfortunate to get a sinus infection. Sinus infections are pretty common and easily treatable in humans, but when it comes to rhinos this infection can be very much life-threatening.

Rhinos are animals that breathe primarily through their noses, so the when this rhino showed signs of troubled breathing, her keepers knew something was very wrong.
The veterinarians at the Zoo decided that they will be the very first to do a CT scan of the head of a live rhino in order to save her life.

And so, they did. They had to move the animal to a different room where the machine was. The scans took only minutes, compared with the hours it took to put the rhino inside the machine.
With the images of her head and where exactly the infection was, the veterinarians drilled holes through the bone in the skull of the rhino in order to help clear the infection.

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