SawCover System – A reliable and powerful tool

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Product Profile on the SawCover System

Are you a Veterinary professional on a search for a powerful and convenient tool, that brings with it sterility that you can trust? Some surgeons have become accustomed to their stationary orthopedic equipment, but when it comes to taking their skills on the road or stepping up their clinic’s technology, they are limited in orthopedics.

It’s also known that when searching for tools for orthopedic surgery, it can be tough to find trusted equipment that doesn’t break the bank.

If you are a Veterinary professional that is in need of a robust and trusted tool that fits in the budget, the SawCover System may be the right choice for you!

SawCover system orthopedic tool

Who is the SawCover System made for?

The SawCover system is created for any veterinary professional that is looking to improve their orthopedic practices! Whether you are a traveling surgeon or own a stationary practice, the SawCover System offers superior technology that will benefit veterinary professionals alike!

What is the SawCover System exactly?

The SawCover System is a battery powered oscillating saw that packs a punch in many categories. While you get with it the convenience of a portable tool, you don’t lose any of the power and trust that you may have received from stationary orthopedic equipment. With robust mechanics and a pistol grip handle and trigger, the SawCover System is created to make your orthopedic procedures comfortable.

In addition to the power of trusted convenience, the SawCover System technology includes a liquid and pathogen proof linen, allowing you to achieve 100% sterility.

How can the Saw Cover System improve your practice?

When you take the leap into the SawCover System, you are bringing a powerful and trusted tool into your practice. The SawCover System will make for faster and more accurate osteotomies, leading to professional and surgical growth for your practice!

Whether you are a stationary practice or a mobile orthopedic surgeon, having the Saw Cover System on your side will step up your orthopedic technology, allow for sterile off-site procedures, and allow for a pleasurable transition away from manual orthopedic tools. Moreover, as a mobile surgeon, the linen technology in the SawCover System means you only need one power tool with multiple covers for all your surgeries in a day.

When you have finished your orthopedic procedure, you may sterilize the cover in your autoclave just like any other piece of surgical equipment. The SawCover System not only allows for faster osteotomies, but also does not require any special sterilization aside from your normal protocol. This system is convenient, and will enrich your orthopedic protocol!

sawcover system orthopedic veterinary tool

Hear what other veterinary professionals have to say!

Love Arbutus Medical’s oscillating saw! About 1/3 the cost of other oscillating saws on the market and works great! The linen cover for the saw allows for sterile handling intra-op. and allows for easy post-op. clean-up.
customer service and follow-up from
the staff at Arbutus Medical. They really seemed to care about the quality of
their product and making sure that it met the needs of the physicians who used
it. Definitely worth the purchase!
Robert Kaplan DVM | VCA Mission Hopsital,
Alhambra, CA, USA

The SawCover System is a reliable and powerful tool to step up your clinics orthopedic practices. With the ability to provide sterile orthopedic procedures, whether in your clinic or off site, you will have everything needed to take your orthopedic protocol to the next level! The Sawcover System is perfect for any growing veterinary practice, no matter your goals! If you need more information on how to get it, visit the SawCover System website.

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