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Just like human beings, dogs need training as well. Online Dog Training has made it easier for dog owners to access training courses for their dogs. The most important part of a dog’s life is training. It is the best thing a dog owner can give to his dog.

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Dogs require training so that they are well-behaved. For instance, at one point, you may be surprised when you see your puppy destroying things like shoes. You may end up being frustrated but remember, puppy training is essential.

Below are the benefits of training your dog:

  • Dog training helps dogs stay happy and physically fit when you combine it with exercises. Your dog will be tired at the end of the day and hence, get enough sleep.
  • It becomes easier for a vet to work with your dog. If you have trained your dog, it will not react when touched by the vet.
  • Taking your dog out in public becomes easy. The dog will interact safely with other dogs and human beings as well.
  • If you train your dog, it will be safer for your home. For instance, the dog will not move around the house chewing fabric for your furniture.

From these benefits, you see why it is suitable for your dog to get some training. Today, you don’t have to appear at a dog training school physically! There are places where you can find dog training tips online free of charge. There are dog videos that you can watch and learn how to train a dog.

The best place to get the online dog training classes is at the SpiritDog Online Dog Training website. They offer the best online dog training courses.

You cannot just decide to start training for your dog on any online dog training provider! Read on to find the considerations that you should make first:

How Do You Choose the Best Online Dog Training Provider?

There are so many people outside there providing training services for dogs online. Don’t be too fast to choose one. Consider the following:

Type of behavior

When choosing an online dog training provider, consider first your dog’s behavior. Why do you need to train your dog? Is it about jumping from one place to another? Is it obedience training that you need? Some dog training providers provide different services online. Some focus on how your dog behaves around people or other dogs; some focus on obedience. So, get to know how your dog behaves to get the perfect trainer online.

girl performing dog training

Life stage

What stage is your dog in, or what is its age? If it’s a puppy between the ages of 4-7 months, you may want it to train in puppy manners. At the age of 8-16 weeks, they learn how to socialize and e.t.c. So, it’s good to know which stage your dog is in so that you give it the training it deserves.


You need to know the reputation of the dog training provider. Is it a registered site? Only enroll your dog in an online dog training school that is registered and certified. There are so many scammers online. To avoid getting conned, research approved online dog training providers before choosing one.


Reviews are a great way to know whether a site is legit or not. A legitimate online dog provider will always have positive reviews. Avoid a site with negative reviews. You can also get reviews from other dog owners that you know. Alternatively, seek counsel from veterinary doctors. Most of them are conversant with good online dog training schools.

SpiritDog Online Dog Training Overview

The SpiritDog Online Dog Training offers a variety of courses. Below is a list of the courses:

  1. Focus in Public-Out and About (Best for Distracted Dogs)
  2. Tackling Reactivity Bundle (Best for Dogs That Are Not Calm)
  3. Mastering Potty Training (Best for Dog Potty Habits)
  4. Dog Agility (Best for Energetic Dogs)
  5. Perfect Obedience Bundle (Best for Dog Manners)
  6. Ultimate Puppy Program (Best for Puppies)

Reviewing the Most Popular Online Dog Training Courses by SpiritDog

Focus in Public-Out and About

Best for Distracted Dogs


No one wants a dog that will be so jumpy in public. Some dogs jump on strangers when in public places. If you have such a dog, worry not. This course aims to ensure your dog behaves well in public. It focuses on teaching your dog how to settle, heel, and play games in public.

The course tackles the following issues:

  • Teaching your dog how to settle on a mat at any given time.
  • Learn how to take your dog to stores that are friendly to dogs.
  • Play lots of games in public places.
  • You will learn how to get engagement from your dog.

The course also comes with benefits. Here are the benefits:

  • You will get a certificate after completing the course.
  • They offer approaches based on science.
  • You can access the course for a lifetime.
  • There are step-by-step instructions.
  • They also offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.


When it comes to the course duration, one can access it anytime since it is a lifetime course. The course needs one to attend 21 lectures.

Tackling Reactivity Bundle

Best for Dogs That Are Not Calm


Dogs can be annoying sometimes. They can bark, and if you are not careful, you may go insane! The good news is that you can learn how to calm your dog. This course is for dogs that are reactive to other dogs and people. Take the course on Tackling Reactivity Bundle, and you will be grateful because the cause will be of significant impact to your dog.

A dog that is not calm can embarrass you when visitors are around. You will even get worried that your dog may bite someone. With this course, reactivity becomes a thing of the past. The course aims to deal with the following issues:

  • Calming the dog using sniffing exercises.
  • Managing triggers.
  • There are sessions of keeping the dog under his threshold around triggers.
  • Keeping the dog in close distance to his triggers while focused and calm.
  • If you decide to take the Tackling Reactivity Bundle, you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • View videos at your own time, anywhere-like your computer, mobile phones, or tablets.
  • Print instructional PDFs to help you during training.
  • Take quizzes to see your progress.
  • Interact with trainers; ask them any questions.
  • Access training instructions immediately after you join the course.
  • Certificates after completing the course.
  • Full 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • There are five bonus mini-courses for free.


The course requires a dog owner to train in 25 lectures.

Mastering Potty Training

Best for Dog Potty Habits


Just like babies, dogs, too, need potty training. No one would like to see their dog pooping anywhere. You will learn how to train good potty behavior for adult dogs and puppies. What happens is that the course will enable you:

  • Ask questions to trainers.
  • Know the causes of potty problems.
  • Learn how to make sure your dog potties only outside.
  • Train good potty habits for adults and puppies.
  • Ensure your dog only potties outside.

The course comes with the following offers:

  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • Training is free from fear.
  • Unlimited access to the course.  Even after becoming so old, you can still access it.
  • You can download worksheets that will help you in tracking your progress.


You only need to attend 25 lectures.

Dog Agility

Best for Energetic Dogs

Most people won’t want to have a dull dog. This comes with a disadvantage, too, because energetic dogs can be so jumpy and annoying. It would be best if you did not worry because this course is for you. This course is excellent for dogs that are very energetic and need to get moving.

With the course, you will have:

  • Lots of instructional PDFs to download.
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • They provide you with detailed instructions on how to teach agility skills.
  • They offer you quizzes to assess what you have learned.
  • Full money back if you are not satisfied with the course.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • Training without fear.
  • Get a certificate after training.
  • Response to all questions from the trainer.


For you to be well-acquainted with the course, you will need to attend 103 lectures. You can also learn anytime since it’s a lifetime course.

Perfect Obedience Bundle

Best for Dog Manners

The Perfect Obedience Bundle is the most popular course in SpiritDog Online Dog Training. If you want to coach your dog in obedience, especially listening skills, this is the best course. The objective of the study is to ensure that your dog becomes focused and behaves well.

The course offers the following benefits:

  • Step-by-step instructions. This will enable you to use a short period to train your dog.
  • The bundle offers two courses in one. For instance, there is Basic Obedience and the Loose Leash Walking.
  • Basic obedience

This course enables you to learn the following:

  • Discover the power of positive reinforcement.
  • Know why dogs misbehave.
  • Teach basic manners.
  • Watchdogs of different breeds work in other places.
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • Training takes place without fear.
  • After completion of the course, They will grant you a certificate.
  • If you don’t like the course, they will give you a 7-day money-back.

Loose Leash Walking

At some point, you may find walking your dog being a challenging task. With this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Teach your dog how to stay by your side.
  • Learn how to make your dog take responsibility for staying in a heeling position.
  • Watch different dogs training in various settings.
  • Also, on the Loose Leash Walking course, they offer:
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • Access of a lifetime.
  • Training without fear.
  • You get a certificate after training.


For the duration, you can attend seven lectures. One thing you should remember is that you are free to revisit the course once you register. You can always go back for reference.

Ultimate Puppy Program

Best for Puppies


Puppies are great companions that you may ever have. They need to go through lots of training like potty training, building attention and focus, and puppy manners. To enjoy the companionship, you need to let your puppy get puppy lessons. So, you need to get the Ultimate Puppy Program that covers the essential things about puppies.

The main aim of the course is to let you:

  • Teach your puppy good manners and skills.
  • Build attention skills.
  • Stop your puppy from chewing and biting.
  • Teach your puppy how to use a potty.

The course also offers:

  • Science-based approaches.
  • Training without fear.
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Certificate after completing the training.
  • A 7-day money-back guarantee.


The course is a lifetime one, but you will need to attend 58 lectures.

The Benefits of Using SpiritDog Online Dog Training

SpiritDog Online Dog Training offers online courses that are beneficial to dog trainers. Discussed below are other benefits:

Money-Back Guarantee

The most exciting part about SpiritDog Online Dog Training is that there is a money-back guarantee. They will assure you of satisfaction. If you feel that you didn’t get value for your money or change your dog after 14 days, they will give you your money back. So, you need not worry about your money going to waste.

New Content

Unlike a physical class where they will teach you once, content keeps changing for SpiritDog Online Dog Training. You will get new methods, games, and ideas that they update weekly. The good thing is that members are allowed to make suggestions on any new content that should be added to the already existing content.

Fun Incentives

There are creative and new ways that can help you interact with your dog. In return, you can win badges, achievements, and certificates that you can print. The incentives are a motivation to keep coming for more.

Lots of Content

There are lots of content available. You can use the videos to transform the way you interact with your dog. For instance, you can use the 700 lessons and 420 videos to deal with every type of anxiety, aggression, obedience, or potty training.


With the SpiritDog Online Dog Training, you will access dog training materials. Also, you can get reviews from other dog owners about the courses. Another vital thing is that all packages come with PDFs that you can download and keep to use whenever you wish.

Weekly zoom meetings

Unlike other online dog classes, SpiritDog Online Dog Training allows you to interact with the trainer. For instance, there are zoom meetings that happen every week. This makes it easy for trainees to ask questions that they seem not to understand.

The lessons are also short ones. It becomes easy for a trainee to practice what the trainer has taught. All you have to do is watch the videos and put the learning into practice. You will save a lot of time since you don’t have to attend any physical classes.

Game-based training methods

The SpiritDog Online Dog Training has the best way of learning. Lessons seem to be full of fun because they are simply based on games. If you want your dog to learn fast, then introduce games. You will be surprised how fast your dog will adapt to the new ways!

So, you don’t need to think that your dog is stubborn or mean. The dog may not like the methods you are using to teach him/her. Change to the SpiritDog Online Dog Training, and you won’t regret it.


Who doesn’t like value for their money? No one wants to invest in something that will end up badly! If you want value for your money, try the SpiritDog Online Dog Training. It allows you to spend an affordable amount of money. The best thing is that you will see results after following the training methods.

Step-by-step lessons

The trainer offers 700 lessons that she teaches step-by-step. She also gives 420 videos. The videos range from leash walking, tricks, games, basic obedience, and dealing with separation anxiety and aggressive behaviors. You will also get video lessons on potty training and how to deal with reactivity.

Lifetime access

The best thing about SpiritDog Online Dog Training is that you get access to materials forever. This happens after you register for a course. You will access PDFs and certificates and also download them. This is a great opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Free training library

As you will be learning at SpiritDog Online Dog Training, you will also get access to a library. It is a fantastic thing because accessing the library is free of charge. The library has many resources about obedience, ethical dog breeders, trick training, understanding your dog skills, and other resources. There is also a blog where you can find more information about the course you are studying.

Free 7-Day Course

The SpiritDog Online Dog Training lets you figure out if you would like to sign up for their courses. They do this by giving out a free 7-day course. What happens is that the trainer sends videos, training tips, and ideas to your email. The videos and training tips will give you an idea of how the courses are. By the time you are through with the free course, you will decide whether to register or not.

Professional trainer

Steffi Trot is the trainer for the SpiritDog Online Dog Training site. She is a professional dog coach that is always ready to tackle any dog training course. She is professional because she has a good reputation; she is featured in media sources like Reader’s Digest, FitBark, Continental Kennel Club, Eating Well, BestLife, Romper, Fetch Pet Care, and Rachel ray every day.

She also has good experience with dog training. It was in 2013 that she started teaching both locally and online. Renowned European dog trainers like Polona Bonac, Martina Klimesova, Anna Hinze, Silvia Trkman, and Daisy Peel from the USA trained her.

Package Comparison Table

Puppy StarterSuper DogLegend Dog
5 Courses17 courses17 current courses
No future coursesAll future coursesFuture courses
11 roadmaps11 roadmaps11 roadmaps
No complete quizzesComplete quizzes availableComplete quizzes
Earn certificates and badgesEarn badges and certificatesThere are badges and certificates
Available weekly zoom meetingsAttend weekly zoom meetingsWeekly zoom meetings are available
Video blog not availableVideo blog availableThere is a video blog and a 30 minutes remote session with the trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this SpiritDog Academy?

A: It is a dog academy for training dog owners at a small fee. In the academy, you will get over 700 online lessons for a small amount of money. The academy also offers zoom calls every week.

Q: Must I be online all the time to learn?

A: No. They record the lessons. You can view and learn them whenever you are ready.

Q: After how long should I expect results?

A: If you decide to train for 5-10minutes daily, you will see a tremendous change. From reviews, dog owners have noticed changes in their dogs after a few days of training.

Q: What will happen after I pay and I don’t see results?

A: If you are not satisfied with the results, you will receive your money back. This happens within the first seven days.

Our Favorite Course

From the above discussion, you have seen that it is vital for dog owners to train their dogs. All you need to do is identify your dog’s age and get the right course. Online classes are more effective compared to physical classes. The video sessions are suitable for normal behaviors like playing and jumping.

Choose a course for your dog at SpiritDog Online Dog Training. Our favorite course is the Perfect Obedience Bundle. We like it because your dog will focus and have manners at the end of the training. You will have the perfect companion after taking the Perfect Obedience course.

Get the courses at the SpiritDog Online Dog Training site.

Bear in mind that some of the links in this article are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission. As a SpiritDog Online Dog Training affiliate I earn commissions for qualifying purchases. We promote SpiritDog Online Dog Training and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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