What we learned from The Vet Society blog about The Human Elephant Learning Program is that their focus is on the Asian elephants that are kept in captivity and they try their best to give them the best life possible. This, of course, means that they are trained in humane handling of the elephants and they focus on good practice.
In the last few years they also focus on conservation of the Asian elephants, making their lives as good as possible and stress free, and hoping that someday they will be able to live free without human interaction. 

The Human Elephant Learning ProgramThe African Elephant Conservation Project focus is on stopping the ivory trade and the sacrifice of elephants for money and poaching in general. The Asian elephants are so endangered that the African elephants outnumber them 10:1.

As a result of their work in foundation-training and rehabilitation, The H-ELP Foundation is now the official training partners of The Wildlife Trust of India, The National Elephant Institute of Thailand and The MTE (the largest private owners of elephants in the world – 3000). The MTE located in Myanmar is attempting to rehabilitate elephants whose former lives were in hauling timber since there were world-wide restrictions on timber harvesting in Myanmar.

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