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Veterinary Dental Image Library – Video by Dr. Brett Beckman

In this video, Dr. Brett Beckman will share with you his Veterinary Dental Image Library.

Veterinary dentistry is a specialty in veterinary medicine where the veterinarian has undergone a specialty education in the field of dental care for animals. This specialty is oriented to the prevention of oral diseases and diagnosis and treatment of occurring oral diseases and disorders.

Dr. Brett Beckman is a board certified veterinary dentist in the states of Orlando and Atlanta where he sees patients. Dr. Beckman is an ’87 graduate from the prestige College of Veterinary Medicine at the Mississippi State University. He once held the presidential seat at the AVDS (the American Veterinary Dental Society). He has completed extensive training to be named Fellow in the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry and a much-deserved Diplomate in the American Veterinary Dental College, as well as a Diplomate in the American Academy of Pain Management. He is the only person in the whole world that holds all 3 prestige titles. Dr. Beckman is also a published author, he has numerous peer-review articles in the field of pain management, oral surgery, and veterinary dentistry.

The Veterinary Dental Image Library is available at:… It is for veterinarians to aid in education of clients as well as staff in the common conditions in vet dentistry.…



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