20+ Pick-Up Lines for Nurses, And Other Vet Staff ♥️

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Love is in the Air!

Have you been looking for some animal pick-up lines for nurses to spice up things a little bit? Or are you falling for a veterinarian or veterinary nurse with a good sense of humor?

Maybe you are having a bad day at work, and you just need some veterinarian jokes or veterinarian pick up lines to make you laugh! 

We created an infographic with some hilarious, smart, adventurous, and cheezy pun pick-up lines. Warning: some of them may be a bit dirty!

These veterinary pick-up lines can help you to lay the first stone!

pick-up lines for nurses

Let’s have a look at them and divide them by category, so it is easy to find the right one for your crush, girlfriend, boyfriend, or date.

Medical or Vet Pick-Up Lines for Nurses

Use them if you are going out with a vet student or someone who is always reading books about veterinary terminology!

  • Are you a pleural effusion? Because I can’t breathe when you’re around.
  • Roses are red; violets are blue, I get canine tachycardia when I think of you.
  • I’ve got a thermometer and a jar of vaseline with your name on it.
  • Is that a veterinary stethoscope in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?
  • Girl, are you a white blood cell? Because I’m Neutrophilin you right meow?
  • Baby, I feel a hose-spraying in our immediate future!”

Cat and Dog Pick-Up Lines

grey cat rubbing against labrador retriever puppy

For those who love small animals!

  • Are you a Golden Retriever? Because I can’t seem to contain my excitement when I’m around you. 
  • Hey baby, want to check me for ticks? 
  • Oh, you’re a vet! That’s great because I’m a sick animal.
  • Do you know any good vet? Because these puppies are sick. (Remember to point to your flexed biceps).
  • I’ve been bad. Do you want to rub my nose and spank me? 
  • I think that I am going to have to put you down tonight!
  • Whoa! Look at those puppies!
  • If I look at you any longer, I’ll have to put on an Elizabethan Collar to keep from licking myself raw.
  • Can we do it doggie style?!? Hell, I have a doctorate!
  • If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hump my leg?
  • Give me a kiss! Give me a kiss! Who’s the good girl?!? Yes, you are a very good girl!
  • Hey, Baby, has this bar stool already been marked?
  • They say it’s a dog-eat-dog world. Rrrrowff!
  • Is it warm in here, or are you in heat?
  • If I had a dog that looked like you, I’d shave its ass and make it walk backward — to dinner and a movie.
  • Oooh, your butt smells great — is that Obsession?
  • Let’s get out of this toilet and go get a real drink.
  • …but that’s 21 in dog inches!
  • Are you a cat? Because you’re purrrrrrfect.
  • Babe, you’re cuter than a puppy at an animal shelter, Cuz I want to take you home!
  • Hi, Can I domesticate you?
  • Are you a dog? Because I’d like to throw you a bone.

Pick-up Lines for the Birds!

  • Your beak says no, but your tail feathers say yes!
  • Do you like Eagles? Because I can make you soar.
  • Wanna Duck?
  • Does your daddy have a pet owl? Because you are a hoot.
two colorful birds mating on a branch

Dog puns are another great way of flirting, you should really try them out! If you can’t get enough and need more vet pick-up lines in your flirt-cabulary, then head on over to jokes4us!

The BEST pick-up line. For someone who works in a veterinary practice and is in love with a staff member; use this one when you REALLY love that person: 

“Of course, I will cover your weekend shift” 

What are the worst and best animal pick-up lines you’ve heard so far?

Share in the comments!

infographic on nurse pick up lines by I Love Veterinary

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