1st International Veterinary Students’ Congress: “Building the Future Together”

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IVSA Bucharest is very happy to welcome you to the 1st International Veterinary Students’ Congress: “Building the Future Together”! It is with great pleasure that we invite you to be part of this magical online event, for free! It is a gift from Bucharest, Romania, to vet students all over the world.

12 heroes will be saving 2020 with jaw dropping lectures on most of your favorite subjects. We will be announcing them one by one, so make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page as we reveal them. 

International Veterinary Students’ Congress: “Building the Future Together” - I Love Veterinary

Our speakers will take you on an unforgettable journey, from the comfort of your home, on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of December 2020. Full schedule and topics will be posted after all #BuildingTheFutureTogether heroes have been revealed.

The event will be held online, on Zoom, with 96 available places (the other 4 must be kept for the organization committee and tech team to make sure everything goes as planned, and will not be counted into the lucky draw).  If you want to make it to the VIP List, go ahead and sign up on the registration form  

VIP List grants you access to our Zoom meeting and one entry in the Lucky Draw at the end of the Congress. You’ll have a chance to win one EVECCS 2021 Congress ticket, one scrub top and hat from our sponsors @Iloveveterinary, and other prizes that we will share with you soon enough. For more details on how to be eligible for our prizes, please consult our page.

However, don’t be sad if the VIP List is fully booked! You will get to enjoy all the lectures on our Facebook page, as we will be live streaming! Questions will be selected from both the Zoom chat and Facebook live stream comment section.

International Veterinary Students’ Congress_ “Building the Future Together” via Zoom - I Love Veterinary

Our goal is to make this congress a great learning opportunity for vet students all around the world and to help transform 2020 into a better year for all of us. We know it’s been hard, we know everyone’s been struggling, but now it’s time to be rewarded! Rewarded with love, care, understanding, acceptance, user-friendly platforms for easy access to medical information, gifts, and awesome lectures on topics like surgery, emergency and critical care, cardiology, mental health, and many others.

We will be ecstatic to share this amazing opportunity with as many of you as possible, to make even the smallest impact in your medical career, and to help you enjoy the magical month of December. We see this congress as a statement, IVSA Bucharest’s statement that we will not give up, that we are joyful and live with excitement and positivity in our hearts and with the clear vision of a united next generation of veterinary doctors.

During these very challenging times, and with Christmas approaching quickly, we decided that this is the best way to bring magic back to life into the sad, dark 2020. As you know, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” (Wayne Dyer). We’re just making it easier for you to shift your perspective on this year!