A recent study, led by an animal health management consulting firm, Brakke Consulting, shows that male veterinarians under 45 and female veterinarians of all ages have much higher rates of psychological suffering. The study shows that even the veterinarians that have done well for themselves have no hope for future generations. Personally, they would not recommend taking this journey to a friend or family member.

This study was made in collaboration with AVMA and independent researchers in social work and in the science of happiness.

The study was presented at the recent VMX (Veterinary Meeting & Expo) by one of the members of the study, Dr. Linda Lord. She presented that the study researched not just the mental health of veterinary professional, but also overall well-being. In this segment, it was mentioned that veterinarians are managing worse than the general public. They were all classified in three categories: flourishing, getting by and suffering.


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