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“Walk-in” Veterinary Clinics

There are a new type of veterinary clinics opening in the United States and their aim is to help pet owners get more accessible and immediate veterinary care by making it “appointment free”. Easyvet, a veterinary franchise, is opening two new veterinary walk-in clinics in the states of Arizona and Georgia. vet clinic outside

These clinics will offer the pet owners veterinary care without making an appointment first, lower costs for the same quality care, and more freedom for the veterinarians on staff.

The management team of Easyvet states that their idea should benefit everybody, that it will improve the work-life balance for the veterinarians and at the same time more pets will get the needed veterinary care and their owners will be happy as well.

This model is supposed to allow the veterinarians to manage their own time, with predictable hours. This way, they will not have to be on call for emergency or surgeries but will be able to offer more dependable hours for their clients.

Read more about this new veterinary franchise, click HERE.


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