Vet Walk in Clinics

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What are Vet Walk in Clinics?

There is a new type of vet walk in clinics opening in the United States and their aim is to help pet owners get more accessible and immediate veterinary care by making it “appointment free”. Easyvet, a veterinary franchise, is opening two new veterinary walk-in clinics in the states of Arizona and Georgia.

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These clinics will offer the pet owners veterinary care without making an appointment first, lower costs for the same quality care, and more freedom for the veterinarians on staff.

The management team of Easyvet states that their idea should benefit everybody, that it will improve the work-life balance for the veterinarians, and at the same time more pets will get the needed veterinary care and their owners will be happy as well.

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This model is supposed to allow the veterinarians to manage their own time, with predictable hours. This way, they will not have to be on call for pet emergencies or surgeries but will be able to offer more dependable hours for their clients.

How do Vet Walk in Clinics Work?

Having trouble with your pet and need to see a vet now? Many vet clinics offer walk in vet services where you can visit without having an appointment.

Did you know that some vet clinics offer vet walk in services? You can find vet walk in clinics and veterinarian emergency rooms for animals who need medical care immediately. The vet will be able to diagnose and treat animals who are already sick or injured.

Some people prefer the personalized attention given by a veterinary practice over the convenience of a vet walk in clinic (veterinarian emergency room). Veterinarians often spend more time with their patients at vet practices, which allows them to give better care than they could during a quick vet visit at a vet walk in clinic (veterinarian emergency room).

If your vet walk in clinic (veterinarian emergency room) is closed and you need medical attention for your pet, there are alternatives to vet clinics that have vet walk in services. Emergency vet hospitals often have staff on call who can give treatment to animals 24/7.

If you believe that your pet has a life-threatening injury or illness, go directly to an emergency vet hospital instead of a vet walk in clinic (veterinarian emergency room) which may not have the necessary equipment or veterinarian expertise.

In addition to offering vet walk in services, some vet clinics offer other veterinary care options such as grooming and boarding. To find a vet practice with vet walk in services near you it’s best to visit their website.

The Benefits of Vet Walk in Clinics

Veterinarian clinics are usually more expensive than vet walk in clinics (veterinarian emergency rooms). If you need vet care but cannot afford vet services, try contacting your local SPCA or animal shelter for information on low-cost vet clinics and vet walk in services.

This way not only will your pet get the medical attention they need, but you’ll be helping out all animals who don’t have homes yet.

In this day and age, where we live ever busier lives, vet walk in clinics are becoming more and more popular. In fact, vet walk in clinics has been growing exponentially over the past 50 years. In 2010 alone there was a 15% increase from 2009! There are several reasons for this growth including convenience, cost-effectiveness, and access to vet care without an appointment.

One benefit that sets vet walk in clinics apart from other veterinary practices is their extended hours. Most vet practices offer evening appointments making it difficult for adults to bring their pets during traditional working hours unless they can take time off work or have flexible staff who can cover for them should there be any issues with their pet whilst at work.