World Wildlife Conservation Day – 4 December

How Was World Wildlife Conservation Day Initiated?

World Wildlife Conservation Day was initiated back in 2012 when Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State put out a call to action. Wildlife Conservation Day exists to raise awareness among the general public about the real threats to wildlife and December 4th was chosen as the official date.

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Moreover, the White House came out with a strategy to combat wildlife trafficking giving enormous efforts that cost around $10 billion annually.

Criminal networks around the world, along with air pollution, deforestation, and excessive use of chemicals are threatening the environment and wildlife more than ever.

Illegal poachers killing the wild animals for their body parts and traffickers of exotic animals sold on the black market are not so far regarding their crimes than the rest of the criminal underground, including weapons and drugs dealers.

The main reason why certain species of animals are being endangered is that someone is ready to pay a great deal of money to get an animal or animal part of his desire.

The World Wildlife Fund reminds us of our responsibility to care for the natural world and work to ensure that every animal lives in a healthy habitat, free from hunger or extinction. That’s why they’re celebrating an extraordinary day on December the 4th each year.

On World Wildlife Conservation Day, we should all be giving a little something back to help protect these beautiful animals and their habitats.

Animal And Animal Body Parts Trafficking

If there was no one ready to pay a fortune for things like fur or ivory, which can only be obtained by slaughtering the poor animal, Wildlife Conservation Day wouldn’t exist. No one says the poachers aren’t doing most of the harm, but the only reason for the illegal killing is the huge profit behind it.

Even though there are perfectly good alternative products, still poaching is quite widespread.

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Most countries and their governments are standing united when it comes to preserving wildlife. Strict laws forbid hunting and mutilating protected wildlife and devoted rangers and officers are standing on the front lines fighting for the animals.

There have been numerous reports of officials being hurt while on duty by illegal poachers. Many park rangers even end up getting killed.

Besides the animals, the people are also impacted by the declining populations of wildlife. There are many countries in the world where wildlife tourism is really popular and it’s the main source of capital for the local villages and towns.

Sadly, these countries are also one of the poorest and undeveloped where corruption inside the institutions is highly integrated. As bad as the situation gets, losing their precious animals will leave those with no touristic capabilities and this will worsen the well-being and financial state of the people.

Call To Action – How YOU Can Get Involved

You can visit the official website of WWCD and learn how to get involved and contribute to the conservation of many precious endangered species, such as rhinos, tigers, and elephants.

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During this day get informed and learn about wildlife, wildlife conservation, and the organized crime behind illegal animal poaching. If you think this is a serious problem, talk to your friends and families and get them involved as well.

Join an online group of people who share the same opinion as you and share information. This is also the right time to learn how to avoid buying products being produced in a way that is hurting wildlife, thus becoming a more responsible consumer.

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